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DraftKings is one of the biggest names in online gaming. Although you can’t enjoy DraftKings’s sports betting app in Texas, you can check out the operator’s online DFS platform. Indeed, DraftKings DFS Texas is one of the best apps in the industry.

But what if you’re not sure what to expect or you‘ve never tried this app before? In that case, read on; we’ll break down everything you need to know about DraftKings DFS in detail.

Where Is DraftKings Available?

DraftKings DFS is currently available to players in over 40 states. In many states, DFS apps have been officially legalized.  In others, such as Texas, it is a bit more complicated.

Texas has a strained relationship with DFS apps like DraftKings since daily fantasy sports isn’t technically legal. However, it’s not strictly illegal, either, so fans in the Lone Star State continue to enjoy them with no repercussions. Therefore, feel free to download and enjoy this app within Texas borders.

DraftKings Promo Code

DraftKings DFS has a two-part promo code for all new account holders: The first is a $20 free play credit you can use for certain DFS contests, and the second is a 20% deposit match worth up to $500 of site credit.

DraftKings Promo Code LinkUse our exclusive link
Terms and conditionsAll bonus credit has a 1x play-through requirement before withdrawal. $20 free play credit only kicks in with initial $5 deposit
States Where DraftKings is Available40+, including TX
Promo Code Verified forJune 2024

As you can see, DraftKings makes it easy for you to jump in and try out its DFS contests without having to spend too much of your cash upfront. The free play credit can only be used for specific (and limited) contests, of course, but it’s still a great way to see what the app has to offer while only being required to spend a minimum of five bucks.

The deposit match bonus is even better, although it’s only worth 20% of your initial deposit amount as a downside. For example, if you deposit $100, you’ll get $20 worth of DraftKings site credit. Still, it’s better than nothing, and it does allow your initial wagering nest egg to grow faster than it would otherwise.

DraftKings Review

Not sure what to expect from this major DFS app? Let’s take a closer look at DraftKings DFS in detail and explore what it has to offer.

App Interface

DraftKings’s DFS app is a little more complex and crowded in terms of its interface and layout compared to others on the market. That said, it’s not too difficult to navigate through, and the extra options and controls you’ll see are great if you like to hunt for specific DFS contests or if you like to participate in multiple contests simultaneously.

The top of the screen holds the lobby, lineups, contests, leagues, promos, and “missions” tab. This tab has special voluntary promotional activities or contests for bonus credit. Overall, it may take you a little while to get used to the DraftKings DFS interface, but everything is laid out logically enough that most will be able to get the hang of it in an hour or so.

Contest/League Selection

If you’re worried about not having maximum selection for your DFS contests, worry no longer. DraftKings’s online DFS app enables you to pick contests from all kinds of leagues, ranging from major leagues like the MLB, NBA, NHL, and so on.

But beyond these, you’ll also be able to participate in contests from leagues like college football and basketball for your state, Canadian football, PGA Tour events, soccer games, tennis games, and even eSports DFS contests for games like League of Legends.

All in all, long-term DFS fans will find more than enough contests to suit them here no matter which sports are their favorites. 

Support Options

DraftKings’s DFS app has a robust suite of customer support tools, including an FAQ section. The FAQ section is great if you have a basic question you think you can answer yourself.

Alternatively, you can contact DraftKings DFS live chat or email support at any point. This enables you to get tech help quickly and easily, especially if you have an issue with something important like accessing your account.

But customer service goes beyond these factors with DraftKings DFS. For example, you can set limits on how much you deposit and play or use the self-exclusion control if you need a permanent or temporary break. These are a few of the ways in which DraftKings DFS practices responsible gambling.

DraftKings Compatibility & Sign-Up Guide

It should come as no surprise that DraftKings’s DFS app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Downloading and installing the app is quick and simple no matter your platform, at which point you can then:

  • Register for an account by providing your name, address, date of birth, and other key personal information
  • DraftKings will register your account after verifying your identity
  • Don’t forget that DraftKings offers a 20% deposit match bonus for your initial deposit, so hook up a deposit method and put up some cash to take advantage of it

DraftKings DFS Deposits & Withdrawals

Any good DFS app should include a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, and DraftKings is no different. DraftKings allows you to deposit funds using credit or debit cards, PayPal transfers, or direct bank transfers.

Even better, cashing out is quick and simple since DraftKings defaults to whatever deposit method you chose. You aren’t limited to fewer withdrawal methods than you are deposit methods.

That said, we don’t recommend using credit cards for your DFS deposits. Most credit card deposits of this nature will come with ancillary fees, and you’ll have to pay interest on however much money you take out. It’s a better idea to use debit cards or bank transfers.

If you don’t have enough cash to enjoy DFS games at this time, just wait. Once you do make a deposit, DraftKings is usually fairly quick about processing electronic transactions. You should see money show up in your account in one or two business days at maximum.

Types Of DFS Contests At DraftKings

DraftKings certainly takes the cake compared to its competition in terms of major game types and contest varieties. Here are just a couple of the DFS contests you’ll find on this well-developed mobile app:

  • Full roster contests, which are basic daily fantasy sports games. Be sure to do your research for these, as you’ll have to draft a complete roster of players while remaining under your salary cap
  • Showdown DFS contests, which focus on a single game and its outcome. You can only use players in the current game’s draft pool for this type of contest
  • Tiers DFS contests, where users pick one player from every tier (and tiers are built by DraftKings itself) to construct a full team lineup
  • Tournaments or GPP/Guaranteed prize pool tournaments. These long-term tournaments can have massive prize pools depending on how many people participate, and you could walk away with thousands of dollars in cash
  • 50/50 contests, which have lineup rules similar to those for GPPs. However, players only have to finish in the top half of all participants or better in order to win a prize
  • Head-to-head contests, which you can play with other individuals or between your families and friends. Whoever gets the highest score wins, plain and simple

Note, of course, that more popular or staple sports like football and basketball will have more contest choices available at any time. If you like DFS contests for sports like tennis, you’ll have less selection.

Still, there’s no denying that DraftKings makes it easy to find the perfect contest of your dreams! No matter what type of DFS you like to play, there will be something for you here.

What DraftKings Gets Right

Make no mistake, the DraftKings DFS app gets a lot of things right. Here are three of the best features you’ll find on this DFS platform.

Terrific Games and Markets

DraftKings DFS offers a plethora of top-tier DFS contests for players. Because of this, it’s one of the most robust and variable DFS platforms on the market today. You’ll always find an ongoing DFS contest to jump into, whether you appreciate short-term games or long-term tournaments you can enjoy for days or weeks on end.

DraftKings is also a popular choice because it includes head-to-head contests you can set up with your friends and family members. In this way, you can customize your daily fantasy sports online experience here better than you can possibly anywhere else.

Special Contest Types

We can’t say enough about the quality of the contest types on DraftKings DFS. For example, DraftKings regularly offers a $3.5 million NFL fantasy football millionaire contest and similar major promotions or tournaments during big league seasons. Thus, you’ll be rewarded for engaging with DraftKings DFS regularly, especially during game time.

This also helps keep DraftKings’s contest selection fresh and interesting, even if you plan to use this app for a long time to come.

Great Rewards

DraftKings has one of the best mobile app rewards programs in the business. In a nutshell, you’ll get extra credit and other bonuses for using the app more often (the tokens are specifically called DK Crowns). The more Crowns you get, the more you’ll be able to redeem them for prizes like special rewards, tickets, app credit, and so on.

In this way, DraftKings DFS could be one of the best long-term DFS platforms for major fans of this online gaming activity.

DraftKings DFS Overall Review

As you can see, DraftKings DFS offers an excellent experience from start to finish with a great opening bonus, plentiful contest options, and great ongoing promos to keep things fresh and interesting over the long term.

Whether you are a newcomer to DFS or an experienced DFS player, DraftKings is a great app to check out. We highly recommend DraftKings DFS for Texas residents who want a DFS platform they can enjoy for weeks and months to come.

FAQ – DraftKings DFS

Where is DraftKings legal?

DraftKings DFS is legal in over 40 states at the time of this writing, including Texas.

How old do you need to be to use DraftKings DFS?

You need to be 18, 19, or 21 years old or older depending on your state. In Texas, the minimum age is 18.

Is DraftKings DFS safe to use?

Absolutely, because it uses antivirus software and SSL certification.

How can you deposit and withdraw money at DraftKings DFS?

DraftKings DFS allows you to make deposits and withdrawals using credit or debit cards, bank transfers, or PayPal transfers.

Can I use DraftKings DFS on my iPhone or Android device?

Yes, the DraftKings DFS app is available on both.

Does DraftKings DFS offer a welcome bonus?

Yes, a $20 free play credit and a 20% deposit match bonus worth up to $500. Use this link to claim.

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