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Are you from the Lone Star State and interested in sports betting? You’re not alone, as many Texans wish to get in on the sports betting boom that’s taking the nation by storm. 

While sports betting has yet to be legalized in Texas, many are hopeful that it will follow suit sooner rather than later. Until then, you can familiarize yourself with sports betting bonuses so that you’ll have a head start on the action once Texas sports betting apps arrive.

Best Online Sports Betting Bonuses In Texas

There are already many sportsbooks in line to avail themselves to Texans should the Lone Star State decide to legalize sports betting. So what better way to get ready than to look into the best bonuses? Though we can’t know for sure what welcome bonuses will be offered if and when the sports launches. However, below, we’re sharing our top picks for the best bonuses to consider in Texas, based on what has been offered to new users in other states

Now that you which sports betting bonuses to check out, let’s dig a bit deeper into the bonus options offered by these websites and see what kind of terms and conditions apply to them. First, though, a quick word on the state of sports betting in the Lone Star State.

Online Sports Betting In Texas

In Texas, it is illegal to place a wager on the outcome of any professional or collegiate sporting event. This is because Texas law prohibits anyone from profiting off of gambling in the State of Texas. Although many Texans likely enjoy betting on games, they do so at their own risk. If you try to sign up for a sports betting app or sports betting website, the registration process will fail due to your location.

That said, there has been significant pushback from politicians and citizens alike. Sports betting is growing in popularity all across the country, garnering some serious tax revenue that states are using for many great projects. And there certainly are major operators who would be willing to offer sports betting options to Texans.

But is it enough to win the hearts of officials in control of restricting sports betting in Texas? That remains to be seen. Insiders currently peg 2023 as the year that Texas finally legalizes sports betting, so it might not be too far off after all. 

In the meantime, the sports betting scene is limited to daily fantasy sports (DFS) in Texas, since the state does not categorize DFS technically as sports betting. Also, Texans can play if they happen to find themselves with the boundary lines of a state that does allow sports betting.

With that out of the way, it’s time to turn our attention to Texas bonus options. These are offered via various sports betting sites, so let’s look into what you could potentially be winning if Texas legalizes sports betting.

Types Of Sports Betting Bonuses In Texas

Here, we take a more in-depth look at the bonuses discussed a moment ago. Check out the details below to see what kind of rules apply to each bonus and how they all work. It’s worth noting that there’s no guarantee that any of these bonuses will come to Texas if and when sports betting is legalized. However, they are currently being offered in other states, so it is likely they would come to Texas as well.  Also, they are live bonuses if you are a Texan who happens to find yourself in a state where sports betting is legalized.

DraftKings Texas

DraftKings offers two promos. First, you get a $50 bonus bet with a $5 deposit.  Also with that first deposit, DraftKings will match 20%, up to $1,000.  However, you cannot withdraw these bonus funds until you have played a 5x playthrough. So, to earn your $1,000 bonus, you’d need to deposit $5,000 and bet $25,000. So, it’s a good deal, but there are others on the market 

BetMGM Texas

With BetMGM, you get a $1,000 bonus bet. This impressive bonus protects you in case you lose your first wager after signing up. BetMGM will reward you with credits equaling the amount you lost, up to $1,000. Use the bonus code SHARP at signup.

Caesars Sportsbook Texas

Caesars offers what they term first bet insurance up to $1,100.  What this means is that if your first bet on the platform loses, Caesars will give you that amount back in a single bonus bet credit. So in essence, you get two chances to win your first bet. Use the promo code SHARPBETCZR to claim.

BetRivers Texas

BetRivers offers to match your first deposit up to $250. While this may not seem like a lot, BetRivers only asks for a 1x playthrough requirement, the best in the industry.  So after you have bet through your $250 once, you can withdraw any winnings in your account. Use code SHARP250 to claim this bonus offer.


FanDuel’s offer is similar to that of BetMGM: a $1,000 bonus bet. After registering, you get this bonus to protect you in the event that you lose your first bet. If that happens, FanDuel gives you up to $1,000 worth of credits to use on its platform.


PointsBet is different than the other operators on this list. Besides the traditional fixed-odds bet, they offer what they term “pointsbetting.” In pointsbetting, you get rewarded the more your bet is correct.  So if you picked a team favored by 3 to cover the spread, and they won by 10, you would earn more.  So, PointsBet’s $2,000 bonus bet is broken up into one $500 fixed-odds bet and a $1,500 pointsbetting bet.

How To Claim Online Sportsbook Bonuses In Texas

Claiming an online sportsbook bonus starts with identifying the welcome bonus that new bettors want to claim. If sportsbooks go live in Texas, residents of Texas need to search for the sportsbook they want. 

You can find the available sportsbooks on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. Please note that if you’re an Android user, you might have to download the app directly from the sports betting site.

Sports bettors also need to make sure they have the correct app downloaded due to some sportsbooks having different apps for each state they operate in. Moreover, other sportsbooks have independent apps that coincide with their sportsbooks, online casinos, and daily fantasy offerings. 

As a sports bettor, you are advised to carefully look over the details to ensure you are downloading the right app. Once you do find the sports betting app you need, you can download and create your account. 

If you have a promo code, you may redeem it when registering with your sportsbook of choice. Most sportsbooks prompt you to enter your promo code at the start of registration or a couple of steps in.

Once you have successfully created your new account, you can make your first deposit. This is necessary to ensure that you get your bonus on many apps. As such, you want to make sure that you check the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus before depositing any initial monies. 

You can usually find the terms and conditions related to the signup bonus in a scrolling ad on the sportsbook page or on the promo page. From there, you can bet your money and withdraw your winnings. Withdrawal options are located in the Cashier section of the player’s account.

Texas Sports Betting Bonus FAQs

How old do I need to be to place sports bets online in Texas?

In many states, you must be at least 18 years old to place a sports bet. But in Texas, you will likely need to be at least 21 years old if sports betting ever becomes legalized, since that is the legal betting age in the state.

What are the playthrough requirements on legal online sportsbooks in Texas?

Sites like DraftKings have playthrough requirements that state you must first bet your site credits before unlocking and withdrawing your remaining funds. It remains to be seen what other sports betting sites will have similar rules in place in Texas.

Can I claim a bonus at more than one sportsbook in Texas?

Absolutely. You are free to use as many sportsbooks as you wish. In fact, it’s actually encouraged. You might as well make the most of what’s offered, so sign up and try them all.

This isn’t to be confused with claiming more than one bonus at the same sportsbook. You’re only allowed to get a bonus one time upon signup (more on this below).

What is bonus abuse and how can I avoid it?

Bonus abuse is when a sports bettor fraudulently signs up for multiple sports betting accounts within the same app/site to take advantage of their bonuses multiple times. Of course, this practice could lead to you being kicked off of a platform and forfeiting winnings.

You can avoid this by only signing up once per platform. If you need some help here, consider creating a spreadsheet to help you keep track of the platforms you’ve already signed up to.

What is the bonus at DraftKings sportsbook in Texas?

Though we can’t predict it for certain, it is likely that the bonus in Texas would match what is offered in other states.  Generally speaking, the welcome bonus is two-fold. First, make a $5 deposit and get a $50 bonus bet. Second, you get a 20% deposit match up to $1,000. However, this does require a 5x playthrough. So, to get $1,000 deposit match, you’d need to deposit $5,000 and bet $25,000. It’s not exactly the best bonus, but it is still decent.

What is the bonus at FanDuel sportsbook in Texas?

Again, we can’t know for sure, but in other states, it’s a $1,000 bonus bet. Aside from BetMGM, this is the biggest bonus bet you can get as a bonus. After registering, you get this bonus to protect you in the event that you lose your first bet. If that happens, FanDuel gives you up to $1,000 worth of credits to use on its platform.

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