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While sports betting hasn’t yet come to Texas, there will likely be tons of sportsbooks to choose from when the activity is finally legalized. FanDuel is among the big names we expect to pursue licensure right out of the gate, so let’s take a closer look at this sports betting app so you’re prepared to enjoy it when it’s finally available for download.

FanDuel Texas Promo Code

One of the best reasons to check out FanDuel Texas is its opening bonus. Many other sportsbooks only provide a few hundred dollars worth of credit for their bonuses, but FanDuel offers a $1000 bonus bet right off the bat. Even particularly optimistic or aggressive initial wagers will be protected thanks to this excellent cushion. However, keep in mind that the bonus only applies to your first wager made with your account, so choose how much you bet wisely.

Terms & conditions apply.

FanDuel Texas Promo Code
Bonus Bet$1000, 1x playthrough requirement
What States Allow FanDuelNH, IN, IL, IO, PA, CO, TN, VA, WV, MI, NJ
FanDuel’s Land-Based PartnerN/A
Promo Code Verified ForComing Soon

How To Register For A FanDuel Account

It’s tough to nail down the exact registration process for Texas sportsbooks given that we don’t have any information about any requirements. However, it’s unlikely that Texas’s legislators will require sports bettors to visit a retail casino to register for an account because brick-and-mortar casino wagering is unlikely to be legalized anytime soon.

Therefore, folks wanting to check out FanDuel will probably be able to register for the sportsbook entirely online. Keep in mind that your process will likely be a little different depending on your mobile device’s operating system.

  • If you’re on an Android device, you can’t use the Google Play Store to download the sportsbook. Instead, you’ll need to visit FanDuel’s Texas website and download the sportsbook directly from there
  • But if you’re an iPhone, you should be able to download FanDuel straight from the App Store

Either way, downloading and installing the sportsbook should be pretty quick and simple. At that point, you’ll need to provide personal information to verify your identifying information, such as your age and Social Security number. After verifying your identity, the sportsbook will install geolocation software to prevent you from using it outside Texas state lines.

Then you can connect a bank account or debit card or some other funds transferring method to pay the betting account and start wagering! Be sure to keep in mind that FanDuel has a fantastic opening bonus, which we’ll get into next. 

FanDuel Texas: Bonus And Promotional Grade (5/5)

FanDuel’s opening bonus is incredibly high relative to other sportsbooks in the industry. It’s a bonus bet worth up to $1000 of site credit, but it only works for the first wager made on the account. So decide how much money to bet after first making your account wisely!

Here’s how the sportsbook bonus works:

  • Say that you place a wager for $500
  • If you lose the wager, FanDuel will refund you with $500 of site credit. You can’t withdraw that credit, but you can use it to place another wager immediately

Therefore, FanDuel allows you to play aggressively and freely right after making your account. It’s a great bonus for new players who may not know what makes a great wager stand apart from a subpar or unlikely one.

However, note that you’ll need to clear the bonus after getting the site credit. If FanDuel rewards you with any site credit, you’ll need to play through that credit one time before making any withdrawals. This prevents people from exploiting the bonus and using the bet without spending any real money.

For example, say that you have $500 of site credit. You’ll need to wager that $500 of site credit at least once before you can withdraw that money again. Still, this is a much lower play-through requirement compared to many other operators’ opening bonuses (including DraftKings, which has a startlingly high 25x play-through requirement!).

FanDuel: Odds Vs The Competition Grade (5/5)

You’ll also want to consider FanDuel’s odds compared to the competition before downloading the sportsbook. Fortunately, FanDuel employs several excellent linemakers that provide player-friendly odds for both player favorites and underdogs. You’ll be able to find excellent wagers in practically any industry or league and potentially win big no matter who you want to support.

Specifically, FanDuel is known for its divisional and championship odds or bets made with big playoff games and tournaments. FanDuel provides fantastic odds for proposition bets as well, so sports bettors who appreciate those wagers will find a lot to like here.

But that’s not all. FanDuel also provides regular seasonal boosts to the odds attached to various wagers. For example, FanDuel supports both live streaming and live or in-play betting. In-play bets are usually paired with bonus wagering opportunities and special odds. All in all, both newcomers and experienced sports wagerers will find plenty of excellent odds and wagering opportunities here.

FanDuel Texas: Market Depth And Variety Grade (4.5/5)

Similarly, FanDuel provides good market depth and variety, particularly for professional US sports. Therefore, Texans who are fans of national-level football, basketball, and baseball will find plenty of wagering pools to participate in.

The potential downside is with collegiate betting. Many states who have otherwise legalized sports wagering have also kept wagering on in-state college games (or any games including their college teams) off-limits.

It’s not yet known whether Texas will do this as well, but it’s highly likely. Therefore, FanDuel’s normally great spread of college sports betting markets may be inaccessible to Texans when sports betting is finally legalized.

That being said, FanDuel provides good betting markets for international games and leagues, such as international soccer, rugby, Korean baseball, and more. You’ll also find plenty of wagering markets for things like NASCAR, darts, MMA fighting, and more.

All in all, FanDuel provides a lot to like when it comes to market depth and variety. Players will find a wide variety of wager types, including prop bets, parlay bets, futures bets, and basic moneyline bets.

FanDuel: Deposit And Cashout Grade (5/5)

We give FanDuel high marks when it comes to its deposit and withdrawal options, especially because many competitors are pretty limited in the latter category.

In total, you’re able to deposit money through all kinds of options. FanDuel allows you to make deposits using bank wire transfers, electronic wallet transfers, credit and debit card transfers, eChecks, and direct online bank transfers as well. Even better, this mobile sportsbook provides four ways to withdraw your winnings after a great winning streak: electronic wallets, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, and eChecks.

Therefore, most players should have no trouble both funding their FanDuel sports wagering accounts and withdrawing their winnings when necessary. We also really like that FanDuel strives for speedy withdrawals. You may be able to get your winnings up to one or two business days after placing the order, whereas many other sportsbooks take multiple business days by default.

FanDuel: Mobile App Grade (5/5)

No sportsbook is worth your time and money if the mobile app navigational experience is clunky or laggy. You won’t have to worry about either of these possibilities with FanDuel, as it offers a minimalist and clean user interface that’s easy and pleasant to navigate through.

For example, FanDuel’s font is quite easy to read, even on the small screens that are ubiquitous with mobile smartphones. We also appreciate the intuitive mobile app layout. All the major buttons are found on a single screen and your betting slip provides a handful of big buttons so you can adjust your wagers with a few button taps.

Furthermore, FanDuel provides a search bar at the bottom of the screen, helping you to locate specific wagering pools, tutorials, and even help resources when necessary.

The betting slip is of particular note. It automatically pops up when you pick a wager you want to participate in. Plus, you can use live streaming or in-play betting to add wagers to your betting slip with a single button press. All in all, it’s a responsive and fluid mobile app that’s among the best in the industry.

FanDuel: Overall Grade (4.9/5)

In the end, FanDuel deserves its spot as one of the two best mobile sportsbooks in the industry alongside DraftKings. FanDuel provides excellent betting odds, market variety, and a great mobile app experience through and through that should make it a joy to play with whether you are experienced with sports wagering or are looking to get into this activity for the first time.

FanDuel’s opening bonus, as well, is particularly welcoming to new players who may not be comfortable risking tons of money they won’t be able to get back to some degree. The opening bonus worth up to $1000 means that you have a significant cushion to make mistakes when first trying out sports wagering. You won’t lose your total deposit on a single high-stakes bet.

Definitely consider giving FanDuel a try if and when sports betting becomes legalized in Texas. There’s little doubt that FanDuel will be among the first operators to bring sports wagering to Texans.

Is FanDuel Legit?

It definitely is. As a legitimate sportsbook, FanDuel has an established reputation and has been licensed and vetted by regulatory bodies in many other states where it currently operates.

FanDuel has never been accused of fraud or other crimes and is currently licensed in states like New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and more. All of those states’ regulatory bodies and lottery commissions have already done in-depth investigations of FanDuel and found its digital security to be high-quality and its insurance to be satisfactory.

What does this mean for you? In a nutshell, it means that FanDuel won’t put your personal information at risk in any winnings you have are insured in case of a cyber attack. Plus, FanDuel already provides daily fantasy sports to Texans, so it already has plenty of digital architecture up and running in this.

In many ways, it’s the polar opposite of an offshore or illegal betting site.

Why Choose FanDuel Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Speaking of offshore sites, you should never use these books, even if you are chomping at the bit to enjoy sports wagers in Texas. It’s always a better choice to wait for legal sports betting to come to your state for a variety of reasons:

  • For one, offshore and illegal sportsbooks don’t have your best interests at heart and may give up your personal information to bad actors. This puts you at risk for identity theft. Even if a sportsbook doesn’t deliberately put your information out there, it may use subpar digital security
  • Furthermore, illegal sportsbooks may try to take your money after you deposit it into your account. If they do so, there’s nothing you can do about it because they aren’t regulated by any authoritative body
  • Lastly, illegal betting sites usually provide lesser odds or worse wagers compared to licensed and regulated sportsbooks. In other words, your wagering experience probably won’t be very enjoyable, even if you don’t run into the above-mentioned problems 

Why Can You Trust FanDuel With Your Money?

Yes. FanDuel uses top-tier digital security provided by HackerOne: a dedicated cybersecurity organization that protects the mobile platform from digital threats and maintains security even if primary servers go down.

In addition, the mobile app and the primary FanDuel website use SSL certification, which encrypts traffic going to and from these digital addresses. You should also remember that, provided FanDuel eventually acquires licensure, it will be monitored by the Texas Lottery Commission.

One of the big requirements for licensure in Texas is likely to be insurance for any unexpected withdrawals or theft. Therefore, even if something goes wrong on the digital side of things, you’ll be insured and be able to get your winnings back. There are few sportsbooks safer than FanDuel when all things are considered. 

FanDuel Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?21
What states is FanDuel legal in?NH, IN, IL, IO, PA, CO, TN, VA, WV, MI, NJ
Who is FanDuel’s partner in Texas?N/A
Launch date in TexasTBA

FanDuel Sportsbook FAQs

How old will you have to be to place a bet using the FanDuel mobile sportsbook?

The official details aren’t yet out, but it’s all but assured you’ll need to be 21 years of age or older. That’s the official gambling age everywhere else in the US, so it’s likely what Texas lawmakers will use as a benchmark age for placing sports bets.

Does FanDuel provide any bonus bets or other bonuses to new players?

Yes. It provides a bonus bet worth up to $1000. So you can make a wager up to $1000 in value right after making your account and get refunded in site credit if you lose the wager.

Who will FanDuel be partnered with in Texas when it is licensed?

We don’t know. However, it may be that FanDuel won’t be required to partner with anyone because Texas will not likely legalize brick-and-mortar casino operations beyond the pair of Native American casinos already running. It’s possible under proposed legislation that Texas sportsbooks like FanDuel will need to partner with a local professional sports team.

Does FanDuel offer in-play betting in Texas?

It’s not running in Texas yet, but FanDuel will probably offer in-play betting as it already does in all other legal states.

How will you get paid if you win a wager using the FanDuel mobile sportsbook in Texas?

FanDuel is one of the best mobile sportsbooks because it provides four withdrawal options in total. You’ll be able to bring your winnings directly to your bank account, a credit or debit card, or through a few other methods depending on your preferences.

Will you be able to sign up for FanDuel from anywhere in Texas?

Yes. Texas will not likely require in-person registration because there won’t be enough retail casinos to facilitate a land-based casino partnership sports betting model.

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