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Despite being the titular state for arguably the most popular version of poker in the world, Texas does not allow its residents to play online poker for money. However, online poker games are still available in Texas. It’s just in the form of sweepstakes poker sites. Let’s break down everything you need to know about online poker in Texas so you know how to play legally and safely.

The Best Poker Site In Texas

While there are plenty of online poker sites to find if you’re a Texas resident, there’s only one really worth your time and money: Global Poker. That’s because it’s a legitimate sweepstakes poker site that’s totally legal to enjoy as opposed to illegal cash betting poker sites.

Global Poker provides sweepstakes poker not just to Texans but to most states across the US. It allows you to play with both Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins (more on those below) plus has a fantastic opening bonus for new account holders.

Purchase a $40 Gold Coin package and you’ll get 40 free Sweeps Coins, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tournaments or poker games right off the bat. All new players will also get $20 worth of Gold Coins just for opening a new account.

Global Poker further benefits from a well-developed player base, a wide range of tournaments and games to enjoy, and an intuitive mobile app that can be enjoyed on your desktop or a mobile device like an iPhone or Android.

Five Minute Guide To Sweepstakes Poker In Texas

Not sure how sweepstakes poker works in Texas or anywhere else? This guide will explain everything you need to know.

How Does Sweepstakes Poker Work In Texas?

Fortunately, sweepstakes poker works exactly the same in Texas as it does everywhere else. In Texas, gambling real money over poker games is strictly illegal. So sweepstakes websites like Global Poker allow you to use valueless and digital “Gold and Sweeps Coins” instead.

Both coins can be used in place of cash for all of Global Poker’s poker games. You can buy Gold Coins for real money in bundles. You never use real money to gamble, so sweepstakes poker is still solidly legal.

Additionally, players can use Sweeps Coins to play various poker games on Global Poker and other sweepstakes poker sites. However, Sweeps Coins can never be purchased. Instead, players receive a certain amount of Sweeps Coins with every Gold Coin purchase or by requesting a small number of coins via a written letter to Global Poker.

How Do You Win Cash Prizes By Playing Poker?

Global Poker’s Sweeps Coins system allows you to win occasional cash prizes as you build up enough Sweeps Coins to play in sweeps-only games.

Most sweepstakes poker games use Gold Coins as the currency that changes hands or is won. However, sweeps poker games use Sweeps Coins instead. Players can put down or win Sweeps Coins from other players after obtaining enough from purchasing Gold Coin packages.

After enough Sweeps Coins are collected, players can redeem the Sweeps Coins for cash prizes that are funded directly to their accounts. Again, this is totally legal because players can purchase Sweeps Coins directly. They can only get them incidentally by purchasing Gold Coin packages.

How Do You Access Sweepstakes Poker Sites In Texas?

In Texas, your best bet to enjoy sweepstakes poker is to check out GlobalPoker.com, which is the main website for this platform. Global Poker also does not have a dedicated app, but the website works just fine on any mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

You can make an account right on the Global Poker website and start playing almost immediately. The site will just ask for a few pieces of personal information, such as your date of birth and your physical address, to verify your identity.

How Do Purchases Work At Texas’s Sweepstakes Poker Sites?

Global Poker and other sweepstakes poker sites will require you to fund your account by purchasing Gold Coins directly from the interface (as well as giving you a few bonus coins depending on how much you initially spent). You can purchase Gold Coins from sweepstakes poker sites by linking a credit or debit card to the account, by initiating a bank transfer, and other methods.

Once you purchase a Gold Coin package, this valueless digital currency appears in your sweepstakes poker account. You can use the Gold Coins to play poker games immediately. You’ll also get a small amount of Sweeps Coins with your Gold Coin purchase. These appear in a separate part of your account and can only be used for Sweeps Coins poker games. You cannot mix-and-match the currencies in different games.

What Are The Sweepstakes Poker Deposit and Redemption Options?

Global Poker and other big sweepstakes poker sites use credit and debit card transfers for most transactions. This allows you to quickly fund your account when starting out and to receive your Sweeps Coin redemption cash prizes quickly.

But you’ll also be able to link a bank account directly to your sweepstakes poker account or opt to receive your cash prize via check. Some platforms also allow you to link an electronic wallet, such as PayPal or Skrill, to your sweepstakes poker account,

How Does Entry By Mail Work At Sweepstakes Poker Sites?

Most sweepstakes poker sites allow you to enter sweepstakes contests by mail. Send a letter to Global Poker or another sweepstakes poker site and you’ll get a small amount of free Sweeps Coins for your trouble.

For Global Poker, the process is as follows:

  • First, take a standard, unfolded 4” x 6” postcard and a stamped number 10 envelope
  • Next, handwrite Global Poker’s address, which is:

VGW Games Limited

Global Poker Sweepstakes Department

PO Box #8486

Portsmouth, NH 03801

  • Then handwrite the return address on the front of the number 10 envelope. Make sure that “sweepstakes credits” is legible on the front
  • Make sure that the card inside the envelope has your full name and email address associated with your Global Poker account. Lastly, write the following statement on the card:

“I wish to receive sweeps coins to participate in the sweepstakes promotions offered by Global Poker. By submitting this request, I hereby declare that I have read, understood, and agree to be bound by Global Poker’s terms and conditions and sweeps rules.”

Then all you need to do is mail the envelope to Global Poker. The sweepstakes poker site should receive your letter within a few business days and credit your sweeps account within five business days afterward. As you can see, this is a quick and easy way to get free Sweeps Coins for your account without having to spend any more money than the cost of postage.

What Is The Difference Between Sweepstakes Poker And Legal Online Poker Sites?

Ultimately, there are few practical or gameplay differences between “regular” or cash poker sites and sweepstakes poker sites. Sweepstakes poker platforms like Global Poker provide a variety of poker game tournaments, although there are only a few poker game types to choose from.

But this is actually a benefit because it means most players are funneled toward the same few activities rather than being spread too thin. Global Poker allows you to play No-Limit and Fixed-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em as well as Pot-Limit Omaha.

This may seem somewhat limited compared to other online poker sites, but it’s much better than risking your money and jail time by spending cash at an illegal poker site. Furthermore, Global Poker provides a generally stable platform that doesn’t usually crash, even during the busiest days of the week (Friday and Saturday).

Of course, Global Poker is an online platform, so your playing experience will be slightly different compared to playing poker at a brick-and-mortar casino. For starters, you won’t be able to gauge the reactions of other players at the moment. You’ll have to rely more on card odds and mental calculations when making your moves.

However, sweepstakes poker in Texas can still be a phenomenally fun activity and allow you to scratch your cardplaying itch while staying firmly within the realm of legal activities.

Status Of Online Gambling In Texas?

Although Texas has something of a reputation of being a freedom-loving state, it is strangely conservative regarding gambling. In fact, you can only enjoy online horse and greyhound race wagers in the Lone Star State.

All other forms of gambling are illegal, including all types of card games or slot games. You can visit two retail casinos on Native American land within the state, but other than this, players have very few options.

This is why many card lovers turn to sweepstakes poker and other websites to enjoy themselves without breaking the law. While private poker clubs or opening throughout the state, it’ll still be some time until Texas’s legislature has enough momentum to seriously revise its existing and draconian gambling laws.

The most recent development in this field was in 2019 when two sports betting bills and a casino gambling bill reached the Texas House of Representatives. Although Representative Eddie Lucio III has been spearheading changes to Texas’s gambling industry, it’ll still likely be some time before things change.

Is It Safe To Play Sweepstakes Poker In Texas?

Are Sweepstakes Sites Legal In Texas?

Yes, provided they abide by very particular sweepstakes rules. Global Poker is one example of a great sweepstakes poker site in Texas.

For a sweepstakes site to be legal, it cannot allow players to purchase currencies redeemable for cash prizes with real money. For example, players cannot be allowed to purchase Sweeps Coins directly. They may only be allowed to obtain Sweeps Coins through free competitions or as rewards for additional purchases (i.e. purchasing Gold Coin bundles).

Furthermore, legal sweepstakes sites in Texas do not reward players with money. Instead, they reward players with either Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins. This is still illegal even though the Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for cash prizes because the Sweeps Coins themselves are technically valueless. 

Is My Information Safe On Sweepstakes Poker Apps In Texas?

Most legal and well-known sweepstakes poker sites have good digital security, such as SSL certification, to protect their users’ personal information from hackers and other players. Global Poker has good digital security and can protect your information capably.

However, you should not download an illegitimate poker app. Illegal poker sites often have bad digital security and your personal information may be at risk if you decide to use them.

What Are The Types Of Games Available At Sweepstakes Poker Sites In Texas?

No-Limit and Fixed-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em

The two most popular sweepstakes poker games in Texas are both of the above varieties of Texas Hold ‘Em. These games allow players to enjoy familiar varieties of poker and also comprise the majority of the tournament games.

Pot-Limit Omaha

Pot-Limit Omaha is also offered on most days. This poker variety gives each player four cards per hand and requires them to make a good hand using only two of them.


Global Poker, which is Texas’s best sweepstakes poker app, has a variety of tournaments throughout the week. Most of these are “Sit-n-Go” tournaments, which allow players to come and go between hands.

Other tournaments or longer or so-called multi-table tournaments. Multi-table tournaments crop up daily and feature buy-in limits like 0.11 Sweeps Coins or 33 Sweeps Coins.

Global Poker’s most popular tournaments or the Sunday tournaments, which include the Sunday Scrimmage and Sunday Tease. Both of these tournaments have guaranteed prizes of 50,000 SC and 20,000 SC, respectively.

Texas Online Poker Sites – FAQS

Can I win real money at sweepstakes poker sites?

No. But you can win Sweeps Coins, which may be traded in for cash prizes for certain amounts. So you technically never win any cash. You win exchangeable digital currency for cash instead.

How old do I have to be to use a sweepstakes poker app in Texas?

You need to be 18 years of age or older to use Global Poker or other sweepstakes poker apps.

Is Global Poker available in Texas?

Yes, and it’s the best legitimate sweepstakes poker app in the state.

How do I get paid from sweepstakes sites if I win?

Your cash prizes will be funded to your attached sweepstakes account, which can then be withdrawn to a bank account or credit or debit card account.

When is the best time to play sweepstakes poker in Texas?

The weekends are usually the best time as it’s when most people have time off.

Will people who like online poker like sweepstakes poker?

Most likely. There’s no practical or gameplay difference between sweepstakes poker and other online poker types. So you still get the same gaming experience even if cash isn’t on the line.

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