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The Lone Star State is one of the most restrictive in the country when it comes to gambling legislation. Online gambling is almost entirely illegal in Texas. Although there is some movement in Texas on the potential legalization of mobile sports betting, there doesn’t look to be any movement on legal online casinos for real money.

This means casino fans have to either visit one of the two brick-and-mortar Native American casinos in the state (which is not convenient for most Texans) or use sweepstakes casino websites.

Fortunately, one of the biggest sweepstakes casino sites in Texas is a high-quality offering that provides engaging gameplay and good opening bonuses. Let’s take a closer look at the sweepstakes online casinos in Texas available now so you know what your options are if you want to have a good time.

The Best Sweepstakes Casino Sites In Texas

Because sweepstakes casino sites are the only place to enjoy casino games or poker, many people probably want to know what the best casino sites in Texas are. While there are a few different options available to you in the Lone Star State, the best by far is Pulsz Casino, which offers a variety of casino games.

As a brief overview, a sweepstakes casino site doesn’t allow you to wager real cash in any capacity. Instead, sweepstakes sites are legal in Texas and other states because you purchase digital and valueless currency “coins” which can then be used for gambling activities.

Pulsz Casino is a versatile and robust sweepstakes casino site that offers several casino table games as well as some slots games. The next best two sweepstakes casinos, Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots are much more focused on slot games, but of course you may wish to check out all the sweepstakes casino sites to get a full experience.

All of these top three sites use valueless Gold Coins and Sweeps / Sweepstakes Coins, the latter of which can be exchanged for cash prizes or gift cards under certain circumstances. All of these websites also have fantastic reviews and are appreciated throughout the country. Because they’ve enjoyed great success for years, you can rely on them to be excellent sweepstakes casino experiences.

What Are The Bonuses At Sweepstakes Casinos In Texas?

Practically all real money and sweepstakes gaming sites include opening bonuses for new players or accounts. These incentivize people to check out a new website or app, and Pulsz Casino is no exception. The opening bonus for Pulsz has remained mostly the same over the last few years, although from month to month this social casino can offer slightly different deals or bonus prizes.

Pulsz Casino Bonus

At Pulsz Casino you’ll find you get an excellent opening bonus when you purchase any $9.99 Gold Coin package. The casino will give you 15 Sweepstakes Coins for free with this purchase. Even better, new players get an additional 2.30 Sweepstakes Coins totally free when signing up with a new account. Note that Sweepstakes Coins can never be purchased, but that you normally need to get Sweeps Coins by buying Gold Coin bundles.

Chumba Casino Bonus

Chumba Casino runs a close second to Pulsz when it comes to opening bonuses. When you buy any $30 Gold Coin bundle at Chumba, you’ll receive an additional $10 worth of Gold Coins for free. What’s more, when you create a new account, you’ll receive an extra 2 Sweeps Coins for free. Like Pulsz, players do not directly purchase Sweeps Coins on Chumba but usually get Sweeps Coins when buying Gold Coins.

LuckyLand Slots Bonus

LuckyLand Slots has a similar but distinct opening bonus to Chumba. It’s even better in terms of Sweeps Coins because you can get 50,000 Gold Coins for $4.99 plus an additional 10 Sweeps Coins for free on sign-up. Should you purchase the $4.99 Gold Coin package, you’ll get another $10 worth of Gold Coins on top.

Funzpoints Bonus

Funzpoints is similar to Chumba and LuckyLand in that it is a sweepstakes casino mostly focused on slots. To apply the Funzpoints bonus code, just use the exclusive link and visit the site. You will instantly get 250 Premium Funzpoints on signup, which is worth $2.50. Plus, you’ll be able to get a 100% first-purchase bonus match up to a maximum of $20, which is 2,000 Premium Funzpoints.

Global Poker Bonus

Global Poker is another sweepstakes casino option in Texas, but as the name suggests, it is focused on poker. Again, you play with digital currency, but you can ultimately trade in Sweeps Coins for valuable prizes.

Like the other sites on this list, Global Poker also has a generous bonus system for Texas online casino fans. Visiting through our link will get you a special offer: 20 Sweeps Coins for free. Plus, when you purchase a $20 Gold Coins Package purchase you get a bonus of 40 Sweeps Coins to play with. Together, that’s 60 Sweeps Coins in total for free when you make your first purchase.

Sweepstakes CasinoPulsz CasinoChumba CasinoLuckyLand SlotsFunzpointsGlobal Poker
Purchase bonusBuy $9.99 of Gold Coins, get 15 Sweepstakes Coins for freeBuy $30 of Gold Coins, get $10 Gold Coins for freeBuy a $4.99 Gold Coin package, get $10 Gold Coins for freeMake any first purchas and get 100% match bonus up to $20Buy $20 Gold Coins package, get 40 Sweeps Coins for free
New signup bonusAll new players get 2.30 Free Sweepstakes Coins after sign upAll new players get 2 Sweeps Coins after sign upAll new players get 10 Sweeps Coins after sign upAll new players get 250 Premium Funzpoints after sign upAll new players get 20 Sweeps Coins after sign up

All in all, signing up for any of these well-established and popular sweepstakes casino websites should give you plenty of digital currency to enjoy while you wait for Texas lawmakers to get their act together and finally legalize online gambling!

Five Minute Guide To Sweepstakes Casinos in Texas

What exactly are sweepstakes casino sites in Texas and why are they legal when other types of online gambling are still outlawed in the Lone Star State? Let us break down sweepstakes casinos in Texas for you now.

How Do Sweepstakes Casinos Work In Texas?

Sweepstakes casinos in Texas work the same way as they do everywhere else. In a nutshell, online gambling is illegal in Texas and many other states. This is often because state legislators haven’t permitted online gambling. Although there has been movement in more than half of the states to permit online sports betting, online casino gambling is only allowed in a half dozen states. Sweepstakes casinos are not the same thing, though, as regular casinos.

That’s because you can never put real money on the line. Instead, sweepstakes casinos only accept valueless Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins as playing currency. Therefore, sweepstakes casinos never have you bet with valued money, so they’re still legal activities.

For a sweepstakes site to be legal, you cannot be allowed to purchase Sweeps or Sweepstakes Coins, which are the currency type that can be traded in for cash prizes. That way, you can’t exchange your money for a cash prize directly.

Instead, Sweeps Coins are granted as a free bonus with every Gold Coin package and as part of certain promotions. Once you build up enough Sweeps Coins, you can trade in the Sweeps Coins for a cash prize which will be deposited into your account.

Gold Coins are totally valueless and can only be used to play regular online casino games. They cannot be traded in for cash prizes, although larger Gold Coin packages may provide you with bonus Sweeps Coins to sweeten the deal.

How Do You Win Cash Prizes By Playing Online?

With sweepstakes casino sites, you’ll get free Sweeps and Sweepstakes Coins at a much smaller proportional rate compared to your Gold Coin packages. For instance, say that you purchase $9.99 in Gold Coins from Pulsz Casino. You’ll only get a few Sweepstakes Coins instead of several thousand.

The Sweepstakes Coins can be used in dedicated Sweepstakes-only casino games. You usually cannot mix-and-match Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins in casino games, as you are typically required to use one or the other for a given activity. You can use Sweepstakes Coins games to get more Sweepstakes Coins or simply build up a Sweepstakes Coin stash by purchasing multiple Gold Coin packages over time.

Regardless, once you get enough Sweeps/Sweepstakes Coins, you can redeem them for monetary prizes. This does mean that you won’t be able to win big cash prizes at sweepstakes casinos overall. But you can occasionally take home a cash prize after building up enough Sweeps Coins after a lot of play. 

How Do You Access Sweepstakes Casino Sites In Texas?

Sweepstakes casino sites in Texas can be accessed in one of two ways. You can either visit the primary website through a desktop or laptop computer or visit the same website using a mobile device, like an iPhone or Android phone.

Pulsz Casino has an optimized mobile website, an Android app, and can be accessed on your desktop computer. 

Chumba Casino does not have a mobile app at the moment, so both iOS and Android users will have to visit the desktop site. Fortunately, the desktop site has been optimized for both regular computer and mobile users, so you shouldn’t experience any problems with lag or the interface.

LuckyLand Slots is a little different. It does have a mobile app, but it is only available for Android 6.0 devices or higher. If you have an iOS device, you’ll still have to visit the regular desktop site using a mobile browser.

Fortunately, all sweepstakes sites are open 24/7, so you can enjoy high-quality casino games at any time of the day. All sites require you to sign up for an account that verifies your age and identity before you can purchase Gold Coin packages and start playing games.

How Do Purchases Work At Texas’s Sweepstakes Casino Sites?

Naturally, you’ll need to provide some banking information to make purchases at sweepstakes casino sites. You’ll also need to give the sweepstakes site in question your email address so you can receive free Sweeps Coins promotions and other information.

Gold Coins at sweepstakes casinos in Texas can be purchased through simplistic interfaces through packages (i.e. you cannot purchase a single Gold Coin). Gold Coin bundles are usually priced in increments of $5 or $10, such as $4.99 or $19.99. When you purchase a Gold Coin package, your account will automatically be credited with free Sweeps/Sweepstakes Coins; you don’t have to do anything extra.

What Are The Sweepstakes Casino Purchase And Redemption Options?

Remember that purchasing Sweeps Coins is strictly illegal, so a sweepstakes casino will not offer you the option to buy them directly.

To purchase Gold Coins on a sweepstakes casino site in Texas, you can open the browser website or, in the case of Pulsz Casino, open the Android app and navigate to the gold coin purchasing section. As an example, a $30 Gold Coin package from Chumba will net you about 2 million Gold Coins to use for table or slot casino games.

The coins will automatically be routed to your account after purchasing with a linked credit or debit card, electronic wallet, or other options. You’ll be able to set up your ideal deposit option when you make your account.

When you want to redeem your Sweepstakes Coins, you can visit the Sweeps Redemption page of the site or app. Doing so will give you the Sweepstakes Coins’ value in equivalent cash prizes. When you redeem your Sweepstakes Coins, the cash value will be wired to your attached bank account or credit or debit card and will show up after a few business days.

What Is The Difference Between Sweepstakes Casinos And Online Casino Sites?

The biggest and most obvious difference between sweepstakes casinos and regular online casino sites is that sweepstakes casinos don’t let you wager real money. Instead, you can only use valueless digital currency to play casino games, like table games and slot machines.

Furthermore, you aren’t able to win real money through a sweepstakes casino site. But you can occasionally exchange your Sweeps Coins for cash prizes.

Because of this big difference, sweepstakes casino sites are typically used as fun or casual recreational activities instead of serious casino gaming sites. Additionally, sweepstakes casino sites are particularly popular in states like Texas because the state doesn’t allow you to participate in any real online gambling whatsoever.

Online casino sites require you to use real-world money for gambling activities. 

Fortunately, sweepstakes casino sites like Chumba and LuckyLand offer an excellent array of slot and table games, so you won’t feel like your selection suffers due to Texas’s strict gambling laws. Still, many classic or legal casino sites do offer a slightly higher variety of games since there are just more games created for cash wagering than there are not.

Aside from the major wagering differences, the sign-up processes for sweepstakes and cash casino sites are essentially the same. Both types of sites also use opening bonuses to draw new players to their games.

Status Of Online Gambling In Texas

At the moment, the online gambling industry in Texas has stagnated and does not look to be evolving anytime soon. Sports betting is the closest online gambling activity to being legalized, as a pair of recent bills are now being discussed in the state legislature, although the lieutenant governor has repeatedly mentioned his desire to prevent sports betting legalization.

However, there are a few options for online gambling in Texas at the time of this writing. You can place horseracing bets on online sites or apps like TVG. Furthermore, you can engage in DFS or daily fantasy sports from providers like DraftKings and FanDuel, as this activity technically does not count as gambling, just like sweepstakes casinos.

If you’re more of a cardplayer than a casino game connoisseur, you can check out Global Poker, which is the biggest and best sweepstakes poker site in the United States. It operates quite similarly to sweepstakes casino sites in that you can’t wager real money. Instead, you purchase the digital currency that you can use for your poker games and occasionally win sweeps coins to be exchanged for cash prizes or used in sweeps coins-only tournaments.

Is It Safe To Use Sweepstakes Casinos In Texas?

Are Sweepstakes Sites Legal in Texas?

Yes. Although Texas does not allow most types of online gambling, sweepstakes sites are an exception since they do not constitute gambling with real cash. Users never play with real-world money; instead, sweepstakes sites only let you use valueless digital currency instead.

Pulsz Casino, Chumba Casino, and LuckyLand Slots are all popular both in Texas and many other gambling restrictive states, such as California.

Can I Trust Sweepstakes Sites To Pay My Winnings?

Both of the above sweepstakes sites can be trusted to pay out any sweeps cash prizes you get. Remember, sweepstakes sites technically don’t let you win any money from games.

The Texas Lottery Commission regulates both the state lottery and sweepstakes casino websites, and it ensures that sweepstakes casinos follow the law at all times. If you ever have a problem with getting your sweeps coins exchanged properly, you can contact them to find a legal resolution.

The sites we name here are all excellent sweepstakes casino sites in Texas, particularly compared to illegal or sketchy sweepstakes platforms.

What Are The Types Of Games Available At Texas’s Sweepstakes Casinos?

Pulsz Casino has more than 200 slots available, which is more than twice as many as other sweepstakes casino sites. There are 20 jackpot slots, 9 Megaways, 30 Hold and Win slots, and a variety of others. There are also five distinct table games to choose from, including two blackjack variations, roulette, casino hold’em, and baccarat.

The only significant games missing from the Pulsz Casino game repertoire are video poker, European roulette, and craps. However, it is always adding new games, so expect more table games in the near future.

Chumba and LuckyLand are so well-regarded because of their combined variety of games. Chumba, for instance, offers over 70 titles, including traditional casino table games and slot games. Chumba offers three card-based games including Blackjack, Jacks or Better video poker, and Roulette. The remaining titles are slot games that typically require about 250 gold coins per spin or turn.

Chumba also provides several progressive jackpots slots. These include Reelin N’ Rockin, Stampede Fury, and Triple Double Fever. All of these may result in cash prize redemptions of up to $1 million, provided you use sweeps coins rather than valueless gold coins.

Of particular note is that Chumba’s games are almost all unique or special to this website. You won’t be able to find many of the slots games here anywhere else, even in cash casinos.

LuckyLand Slots offers over 30 unique and specialized slots games, such as King of the Jungle, Dragon’s Den, Pirates Bounty, Mayan Gold, and more. Many of these slots games are based on existing cash games in real-world casinos, but they retain enough uniqueness and interesting features to make them worth your while.

All of LuckyLand’s games are well made with fantastic graphics and engaging gameplay mechanics or rules. LuckyLand offers progressive jackpots, such as Neon Valley, a game that can provide payouts of up to 177,000 sweeps coins.

Lastly, LuckyLand offers a handful of instant win or scratch or games, though this website does not offer any video poker or table games. Fortunately, Chumba and LuckyLand Slots are sister websites and are run by the same parent company, so you can get a full online sweepstakes casino experience by checking out both platforms.

Texas Sweepstakes Casinos FAQs

Is Chumba Casino available in Texas?

Yes. Chumba is a legal sweepstakes casino and the sister website to LuckyLand Slots.

Is LuckyLand available in Texas?

Yes. It’s also a legal sweepstakes casino that focuses on high-quality slots games instead of table games.

Can I win real money on sweepstakes sites?

No. Real money can never be wagered nor won on sweepstakes sites. However, you can win Sweeps Coins that can be exchanged for cash prizes after reaching a certain amount.

How old do I have to be to play at sweepstakes casino sites in Texas?

You still need to be 18 years of age or older to play at sweepstakes casino sites in Texas and other states. 

Do sweepstakes casinos have live-dealer games?

Not at this time. However, it’s possible that a future sweepstakes casino site may implement these game types.

Do Texas’s sweepstakes sites have progressive jackpots?

Yes. Both Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots offer progressive jackpots. But remember that these jackpots are for sweeps coins rather than real currency.

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