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New and high-quality daily fantasy sports apps are a rare thing, but the retired Carolina Panthers player Brenton Bersin, with the assistance of a team of developers and marketers, recently launched Outlast Daily Fantasy Sports. This new and exciting app has already launched in 19 states, including Texas, which offers Outlast DFS Texas, along with promotions.

Not sure what to expect from Outlast DFS or whether it’s a good choice for your gaming preferences? Let’s take a deep dive into Outlast DFS and break down what makes it special compared to the competition.

Where Is Outlast DFS Available?

Outlast DFS is currently available in 19 states. Outlast DFS recently launched in Texas, which has historically had a contentious relationship with legal daily fantasy sports apps. While Outlast DFS and other DFS apps are currently operating in Texas, this could change if the legislature decides to make this activity illegal. So long as industry giant DraftKings continues providing DFS to Texas residents, however, it’s unlikely the industry will vanish altogether.

Notably, there are several states that do not offer Outlast DFS. This isn’t necessarily because those states have made daily fantasy sports illegal because, in fact, daily fantasy sports are either explicitly or tacitly legal in the majority of US states. Instead, it’s because Outlast DFS is still relatively new and hasn’t yet spread to those states’ markets. This could change sometime in the near future.

Outlast DFS Texas Promo Code

Outlast DFS offers an opening bonus for all new account holders: a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to $200 of site credit.

Promo Offer100% match on initial deposit, up to $200
Terms And ConditionsMust play through the bonus credit once before withdrawal
States Where Outlast Is Available19 states, including TX and OK
Promo Code Verified ForApril 2024

To qualify for this opening bonus, you simply have to make a new account using Outlast DFS and can never have played the Outlast DFS app before. Then, once you are registered, make a deposit and the bonus funds will be deposited into your account.

Remember, the deposit match only counts for your first deposit, so depositing as much as possible will result in more bonus funds for you to do with as you please! The bonus site credit is added as Outlast DFS Points so you can’t transfer them to other DFS apps.

Once you have the credit, you can use it for any DFS contest you please. Since the credit is awarded as points, you can withdraw it as cash once you win a contest with the credit!

Outlast DFS Texas App Review

So, what exactly makes Outlast DFS a great TFS app for Texas residents? There’s a lot to break down about this new online daily fantasy sports app, so let’s take a deeper dive.

Simplistic Interface

For starters, Outlast DFS is already well known for its very simplistic and easy-to-navigate through user interface. Far from being a cluttered and complex app to play on, Outlast DFS makes things easy with a basic black and orange aesthetic and a top-down menu interface that makes navigating to the contest of your choice fast and simple.

This is great for newcomers to daily fantasy sports overall. But experienced DFS fans will also appreciate it since it means they don’t have to spend hours learning a new app before jumping into the middle of the action.

The app’s interface is also very responsive to finger touches. Buttons are reasonably sized, if a little small for some, though this downside will be negated if your phone has a large enough screen.

Easy To Understand Contests

Next, Outlast DFS’s various contests are very easy to understand and engage with. Each one only takes a couple of button presses to get started, enabling you to jump into your favorite DFS contests almost immediately.

Once more, this is great for new players although experienced players will also appreciate it. The bonus points you get for signing up with a new account can be used for any of the available contests as well, rather than limiting you to one or two different contests to get a feel for the app and its various offerings.

Only Three Contests To Choose From

This could be a potential downside depending on what you look for in an online DFS app. Outlast DFS only provides three different contest types, and many classics or standard contest types, like head-to-head contests or season-long contests, are nowhere to be found.

Instead, Outlast DFS players can enjoy over/under player prop contests, survivor pools, and Outlast Purse contests. If you’re looking for a simplistic and fast DFS experience, however, this could be an advantage rather than a downside. 

Good Player Reviews

We’ve also noticed that Outlast DFS already has excellent reviews from those who have tried it. For example, the Apple App Store rating for Outlast DFS is 4.8 out of 5. This indicates that most who use the app already find it to be a great competitor in Texas’s crowded DFS app market.

Outlast DFS Texas Compatibility & Sign-Up Guide

Outlast DFS is currently available for both iOS and Android devices. You can download the app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once you do this, follow the below instructions to sign up:

  • Allow the installation to begin automatically
  • Click “register” once you open the app
  • Provide Outlast DFS with personal information including photo ID and your date of birth to prove you are 18 or 19 or older
  • Once registration is confirmed, you can then deposit funds into your account and navigate to a DFS contest

Outlast DFS Texas Deposits & Withdrawals

Outlast DFS straightforwardly handles deposits and withdrawals. You can add funds to your account using Skrill, credit cards, or ACH transfers. Furthermore, you must make a minimum deposit of $20.

When you want to withdraw your winnings, you can do so using an ACH transfer or your Skrill account. Note that you can only withdraw money via ACH transfer if you previously deposited money using the same bank account. Withdrawal limits are set at $10,000 unless you contact customer service for larger withdrawals.

Don’t Use Credit Cards

While you are able to use credit cards for deposits and withdrawals, it’s not recommended. Why? Simply put, credit cards also come with cash advance interest rates and put you at risk of declined payments. On top of that, using your credit card regularly could negatively impact your credit score.

Instead, you should use some of the other deposit and withdrawal methods described above to fund your Outlast DFS account.

Types Of DFS Contests At Outlast Texas DFS

Let’s take a closer look at what DFS contests you can enjoy on Outlast DFS in Texas.

Over/Under Player Props

Over/under player prop contests are standard offerings among DFS apps. With these, you pick over/under for at least two players. However, while other DFS apps cap your winnings between 9x and 20x, Outlast will pay out over 80x if you “hit” seven players or more.

That’s a massive potential for payout, meaning Outlast DFS is one of the most potentially profitable online DFS apps in Texas right now.

Survivor Pool

Outlast DFS also offers a unique type of contest called survivor pools. With these contests, you select over or under for at least two players every day. Then, if your guess is right, you get to advance to the next day in the pool. Once you answer incorrectly, you leave the pool.

Survivor pool contests have a winner takes all, 50-50, or tiered payout structure depending on the exact contest. 

Outlast Purse Contests

Last but not least is the Outlast Purse contest type, which is only available for select PGA Tour events. With these contests, you choose any 10 golfers from a specific turning field, then earn points equal to how big a purse each golfer earns from their tournament performance.

By the tournament’s end, whoever has the highest total purse gets the top prize. Basically, if you’re a fan of golf DFS, Outlast Purse contests could be right up your alley.

3 Reasons Why You’ll Like Outlast DFS Texas

Ultimately, Outlast DFS gets a lot right and cements itself as a solid online DFS app for Texas residents.

Good Contest Spread

Specifically, Outlast DFS has a reasonably good spread of different contest types, even if there are only three to choose from. Although head-to-head contests are notably missing, you can find most types of DFS action from this limited selection.

Excellent Bonus And Promos

We also really appreciate Outlast DFS’s opening bonus and potential value, which can significantly increase your initial gaming cash with the right deposit amount. We also like that you can take advantage of an ongoing promo and get $25 in credit when you refer a friend to this new DFS app.

Fast And Smooth-Running

Lastly, we very much appreciate that Outlast DFS is a fast and smooth running app experience from start to finish. Many other online DFS apps lag or stutter from time to time, especially on heavy traffic days. But Outlast DFS avoids this so far.

Outlast DFS Texas Overall Review

In the end, Outlast DFS is a solid online DFS app for Texas residents and will likely see ongoing success for the foreseeable future. Its unique contest types, smooth performance, and excellent app interface mark it as a good DFS choice for daily fantasy sports fans of all stripes.

Outlast DFS Texas FAQs

Where is Outlast DFS legal?

Outlast DFS is currently legal in a variety of states ranging from California to West Virginia.

How old do I need to be to use Outlast DFS?

You need to be 18 or older to use Outlast DFS in most states, with the exception of Nebraska, where you need to be 19 or older.

Is Outlast DFS safe to use?

Yes. Outlast DFS uses geolocation software, SSL certification, and other digital security measures. Furthermore, Outlast DFS has responsible play controls, such as self-set time limits and self-appointed app lockouts.

How can I deposit and withdraw at Outlast DFS?

You can deposit and withdraw using ACH transfers, Skrill transfers, and credit card transfers.

Can I use Outlast DFS on my iPhone or Android device?

Yes, Outlast DFS is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

How does daily fantasy sports differ from sports betting?

Daily fantasy sports require you to use your knowledge of statistics and other sports information to make educated guesses about the performance of players or teams. In contrast, sports betting relies on looking at betting line odds and deciding how much you want to risk for the possibility of a big payout.

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