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Texas residents may not be able to enjoy sports betting quite yet, but daily fantasy sports remains available (even if not explicitly legal). Fortunately, there are lots of great DFS apps to check out, including ThriveFantasy DFS Texas.

This minimalist yet accessible DFS platform has a lot to like, even if it doesn’t offer as much daily fantasy sports contest variety as other apps. Today, let’s break down ThriveFantasy DFS in detail so you can know whether it’ll become a favorite Texas DFS app on your device.

Where Is ThriveFantasy Available?

ThriveFantasy is available in most US States, 39 to be exact. Fortunately, Texas is not one of the exceptions.


    Texas does not allow online sports betting or explicitly allow online DFS gaming. However, previous legislative efforts to outlaw DFS have not been successful. On top of that, major industry giants like DraftKings have continued to offer DFS apps to Texas residents over the last few years.

    This has, in turn, enabled smaller operators like ThriveFantasy to provide their gaming options to DFS fans in Texas. For now, ThriveFantasy and other DFS apps are unlikely to be made illegal, so feel free to download and enjoy them.

    ThriveFantasy Promos

    At the moment, ThriveFantasy has a reasonably good opening bonus for new account holders: a 100% deposit match welcome bonus worth up to $100 of site credit.

    The opening bonus is easy to claim and grasp, even for new daily fantasy sports players. In a nutshell, make an initial deposit of $10 or more and ThriveFantasy will immediately match it at a rate of up to $100. Then you can use the credit for any DFS contest you pick.

    There are a couple of minor strings attached, like a 4x play-through requirement. So you’ll have to get pretty lucky or be pretty smart with your player picks to see that credit wind up in your account! Still, this is a great way to try ThriveFantasy without having to spend too much cash up front.

    On the downside, ThriveFantasy doesn’t have regular or ongoing promotions at this time. That does make it a little sparse in terms of DFS opportunities compared to other apps on the market. Still, Texas DFS fans may wish to try out ThriveFantasy thanks to this opening bonus alone.

    ThriveFantasy Review

    Given that Texas has a handful of great DFS apps to try, let’s break down ThriveFantasy in detail so you can determine whether it’ll be a great app for you to spend a lot of time on.

    Regular Tournaments

    ThriveFantasy offers regular tournaments for its DFS players. These include GPP or guaranteed prize pool tournaments, which occur every week during the NFL season and during other major sports seasons all year round.

    These are great tournaments for long-term DFS players who want something exciting to enjoy for days on end. Even better, you can enter these contests for low fees between $15 and $500, then get a chance at the above-mentioned guaranteed prize pool. Some players win up to $10,000 per tournament!

    Two Contest Types

    Aside from the tournament, however, ThriveFantasy only offers a pair of prop-based contest types. Rather than constructing a detailed player roster and competing against other DFS fans, you’ll instead answer propositions for individual players, then tally your score up against other players. The two DFS contest types available on ThriveFantasy are:

    • Traditional contests, which are 20 player prop competitions. With these competitions, every player gets a certain number of points assigned to their over or under, which represent their projected performance for the prop (i.e. scores made, yards run, etc.). You as the player pick 10 over or under values and submit your entries. If you get your props correct, you get points, which are added up to your score at the end of the contest
    • Versus contests, which provide you with identical stats spreads between two similar players across teams. Then you, the player, pick 10 props once more along with two emergency props for tiebreakers. Then you see if your propositions are correct!

    All in all, ThriveFantasy does a lot to streamline the DFS online format. This makes it one of the best DFS apps for jumping in and winning some quick cash in Texas, and it really leans hard into the “daily” aspect of DFS.

    Streamlined Interface

    Lastly, ThriveFantasy has a very streamlined and slick interface. When you open up the app for the first time, you’ll see this for yourself, as there aren’t a lot of contest choices or in-depth controls to dive into.

    Note that this could be a good thing if you are new to DFS or don’t want to waste your time too much on an app with extra layers of difficulty. If you want to just sit down and enjoy some casual DFS in Texas when you have a few minutes here and there, ThriveFantasy’s interface makes that more achievable than ever.

    ThriveFantasy Compatibility & Sign-Up Guide

    Fortunately, ThriveFantasy is available for both iOS and Android users throughout Texas. That will allow you to download it quickly and easily. After downloading the app, you can:

    • Open the app and click Sign Up. ThriveFantasy will want to verify some personal information, like your date of birth and name, before it verifies your identity
    • After identity verification, you’ll be able to make a deposit using an electronic check or PayPal transfer
    • Your initial deposit determines how much extra credit you’ll get from the opening bonus, so keep that in mind!

    ThriveFantasy DFS Deposits & Withdrawals

    One of the potential downsides of ThriveFantasy DFS is its limited choices for deposits and withdrawals. You can only make deposits and withdrawals with PayPal transfers or electronic checks. PayPal transfers are convenient and quick, but electronic checks are also relatively speedy.

    On the plus side, ThriveFantasy doesn’t artificially limit your withdrawal options in comparison to your deposit methods like many other DFS apps. So, while you only have two choices, you can use both choices for funding your account or taking out your winnings after a great day at the prop contests!

    Types Of DFS Contests At ThriveFantasy

    As noted, ThriveFantasy only provides two major types of DFS prop-based contests. However, these DFS contests technically come in two sub-varieties, including:

    • 50/50 contests, which ensure that half of the players for each contest get a payday. These contests are team-based, and you can help yourself take home some cash if you pick the right overs and unders for 10 specifically pick players
    • Head-to-head contests, which involve you and another player directly competing against one another. Only one of you will take home a prize with these engaging, fun DFS contests!

    As you can see, there isn’t a whole lot of complexity in terms of DFS contest variety or depth. More experienced DFS players may find this to be a downside, but others might find that this makes the app even more accessible than it already is.

    What ThriveFantasy Gets Right

    While ThriveFantasy DFS won’t be for everyone, it gets a lot of major elements right. These make it worth considering if you’re looking for a new DFS app in Texas.

    Very Fast Loading

    Perhaps because of its simplicity and lack of in-depth DFS options, ThriveFantasy loads quickly and rarely (if ever) suffers from any lag. If you hate your app stuttering when you try to make a selection or choose a player for your prop contest, ThriveFantasy will not disappoint. This could also help ThriveFantasy DFS operate smoothly, even if you have a relatively old smartphone device.

    Interface is Easy to Navigate

    Once again, ThriveFantasy’s relatively simplistic interface is technically a point in its favor. You’ll never need to worry about getting lost or not being able to find the right contest for your immediate desires. There are only a few options and practically one major screen on the app. All other controls are easily accessible at the top or side of the screen and within a couple of button presses.

    Promo Offer is Decent

    While not life-changing or revolutionary in the industry, ThriveFantasy’s 100% deposit match bonus is still pretty solid through and through and can help you double your initial gaming cash right off the bat. Thus, you could spend a few dollars on ThriveFantasy and still have enough to enjoy several contests while you determine whether this app is a great pick for your needs and preferences.

    ThriveFantasy DFS Overall Review

    All in all, ThriveFantasy is an easy to grasp and simplistic DFS app for Texas residents. Whether or not this will be your cup of iced tea is dependent on what you enjoy in daily fantasy sports and the kind of contests you prefer.

    ThriveFantasy only offers a handful of prop-based contests at any one time, along with a few guaranteed prize pool tournaments during major sports seasons. If you enjoy simplistic, easy to jump in and out of DFS contests, ThriveFantasy could be a great choice. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated or robust DFS app, however, other Texas DFS apps might be better options.

    ThriveFantasy DFS Texas FAQs

    Where is ThriveFantasy legal?

    ThriveFantasy is legal in over 35 states, including Texas.

    How old do you need to be to use ThriveFantasy DFS Texas?

    Currently, you need to be 18 or older to use ThriveFantasy DFS in Texas thanks to daily fantasy sports’ legally gray status in this state.

    Is ThriveFantasy safe to use?

    Yes, as it leverages SSL certification and other digital security methods.

    How are you able to deposit and withdraw money at ThriveFantasy?

    ThriveFantasy allows you to deposit and withdraw funds using electronic checks or PayPal transfers, so you’ll need one or the other to use this app.

    Can I use ThriveFantasy on my iPhone or Android device?

    Yes, the ThriveFantasy DFS app is available on both types of mobile devices.

    Does ThriveFantasy DFS offer a welcome bonus?

    Yes, ThriveFantasy DFS offers a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to $100 of site credit.

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