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Texas residents can enjoy a variety of online Daily Fantasy Sports apps, but few are as unique as WinView DFS Texas. Today, let’s break down WinView DFS in detail and explore what makes it such a novel and interesting daily fantasy sports platform compared to the competition.

Where Is WinView DFS Available?

    Players in all 50 states are allowed to enjoy the free version of WinView Games.

    The paid version is available for those physically located in most states. (Note that the app uses geolocation to determine if you are physically located within a state’s boundaries. You do not need to be a resident of these states to play.) However, people physically located in Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington cannot play the paid version. WinView is legal in Texas in both the free and paid version.

    Check the state you are in for age requirements. For most states, you need to be at least 18 years old, but in some states, you need to be even older. In Texas, players must be at least 18 years old.

    WinView DFS Promo Code

    WinView offers a pretty excellent opening bonus for any new players: a 200% deposit match bonus worth up to a whopping $200 of extra site credit.

    Terms and conditions1x play-through requirement within the first month of account
    States where WinView DFS is availableFree version available in all 50; paid version in over 35
    Promo code verified forApril 2024

    Let’s take a closer look at the opening bonus. In a nutshell, your initial deposit gets matched at not just double its initial value but 200%. For instance, say you deposit $100 into your WinView account. You’ll then get another $200 in WinView site credit.

    The only real strings attached are these:

    • You have to make your deposit within two weeks of creating your account
    • You have to play through any credit within 30 days
    • There’s a one-time play-through requirement

    Still, this is a fairly accessible and generous opening bonus compared to many others on the market. You only have to play through the bonus credit once, so there’s a good chance it could show up in your bank account or wallet sooner rather than later. In essence, this deposit match bonus lets you try out WinView DFS without having to risk too much of your cash initially. Plus, WinView DFS offers free contests regularly, so there’s no pressure to spend a lot of cash to see what this app has to offer.

    WinView DFS Review

    As mentioned above, WinView DFS is unique because of its blended free and paid contests setup. Let’s lay out some details so that you know what to expect.

    Free and Paid Daily Fantasy Sports

    Most DFS apps on the market and in Texas require you to spend some money to participate in contests. Not so with WinView DFS. Their prop contests (with overs and unders for specific players/team performances) come in both free and paid varieties. The paid contests only cost a couple of dollars. The free contests don’t cost you anything at all!

    When you play some of the free contests, you can earn tickets to then use on the paid contests or enter tournaments. Plus, you’ll get a handful of tickets for free contests just for making an account.

    In this way, WinView DFS has clearly positioned itself as one of the best daily fantasy sports platforms for Texas DFS fans on a budget. Free and paid contests both offer essentially the same experience; the only difference is that paid contests come with the opportunity for cash prizes.

    In-Game Betting

    WinView DFS offers plenty of contests where you can make your predictions on player performance before the contest begins.  However, what makes WinView unique is that they offer more in-game prediction games than their DFS competitors. This allows for a fun variety of bets. Also, in-game prediction bets allow even the most casual sports fan a chance to make a wager without feeling the need to do hours and hours of research.

    Good Interface

    WinView DFS boasts a slick and streamlined interface, so it’s easy to learn and navigate through whether you are new to DFS or an experienced player. The screen is fairly simplistic, and it just runs down the different contest types (both free and paid) available to you.

    The top of the screen includes your account page, controls, and a few other contest categories. You can also navigate to live contests or those about to start in real-time. Overall, WinView DFS is very easy to use and is laid out quite wisely for navigation on most mobile devices.

    Daily Contests All Day

    WinView DFS truly brings back the daily in daily fantasy sports. Each contest takes place within a quarter or a similar chunk of time for a specific match. For example, most WinView DFS contests take place within each quarter of a standard American football match.

    These short-term contests are great for sitting down and enjoying some daily fantasy sports action without having to do a ton of research beforehand. In this way, it’s a great short-term DFS platform, particularly for those who like fantasy sports contests that are easy to jump in and out of.

    WinView DFS Compatibility & Sign-Up Guide

    If you want to try WinView daily fantasy sports in Texas, you’re in luck: it’s available on both iOS and Android devices. Therefore, you can easily download it to your mobile device of choice, or check out the WinView desktop site if you prefer a browser-based DFS experience.

    In either case, you only need to be 18 or older to play WinView DFS in Texas. Once you download the app:

    • Click Register
    • Then provide some personal information to WinView so they can verify your identity
    • Link a major credit card to make a deposit
    • Your first deposit gets a 200% deposit match bonus up to $200 using this link

    WinView DFS Deposits & Withdrawals

    Speaking of making a deposit, one drawback to WinView is that it is limited in terms of your deposit and withdrawal options. Indeed, you can only use Visa credit and debit cards for deposits to your account. There’s a $10 deposit minimum and a $500 deposit maximum per transaction requirement for each addition.

    Unfortunately, you can’t use electronic or physical checks to make deposits. On the plus side, you can withdraw your winnings using the same card you initially deposited with or use a Skrill account to make a transfer. Alternatively, you can request a physical check from WinView; it should show up at your front door within 7 to 10 business days.

    Generally, we recommend avoiding using your credit card for withdrawals or deposits. Credit cards oftentimes come with extra fees, and you could hurt your credit score by making deposits to a DFS app. Instead, opt for a debit card and hold off on daily fantasy sports until you have enough cash to enjoy it responsibly.

    Remember, WinView DFS offers free contests to all players! If you don’t have enough cash for paid contests, just enjoy the free offerings for the time being.

    Types Of Contests At WinView DFS

    WinView DFS offers exclusively prop betting free and paid daily fantasy sports contests. These come in a few subtypes:

    • Beginner contests, which you can only access in the earliest days of your account. You’ll be locked out after spending money on 20 of these contests. They come with basic guidelines and easy props to teach you how to play daily fantasy sports
    • Classic contests, which include multiple players and which are quite variable in terms of their payouts and conditions
    • Multiplier contests, where players can win up to quintuple their entry fees in prizes
    • 50/50 contests, where half of the players involved are guaranteed a payout or cash prize

    While WinView DFS doesn’t offer non-prop contests whatsoever, the prop contests it does provide are high-quality, fairly variable and interesting, and great for fast-paced daily fantasy sports action.

    What WinView DFS Gets Right

    Still not sure whether WinView DFS is a great choice for you? Let’s break down how this Texas DFS app succeeds.

    Easy App to Use

    Remember, WinView’s interface and controls are simplistic and streamlined. Because of this, it’s hard to get lost on the app and it’s very easy to learn the ropes and use it to its maximum extent. In this way, you’ll never need to worry about not being able to access everything the app has to offer.

    This also makes WinView DFS one of the best DFS apps in Texas for beginners. Add to that the above-mentioned beginner contests, and it’s clear that this could be a good tutorial DFS app for newcomers to the game type. You can even use WinView DFS in conjunction with other, more robust DFS apps like DraftKings for a very thorough daily fantasy sports gaming experience.

    Free Contests

    The majority of DFS apps these days don’t offer free contests whatsoever. WinView is unique in this regard because it offers both free and paid contests, and each of its contests is prop-based. Several other apps, such as Monkey Knife Fight, are also prop-based. But the latter app doesn’t let you enjoy DFS for free.

    WinView DFS prioritizes quick and enjoyable gaming over thorough research and building a complete roster of players. Consider trying this app if you like the idea of budget-friendly, accessible DFS gaming that you can enjoy even if it’s not payday.

    Fun and Fast

    Once more, WinView’s unique spin on DFS games works to its benefit. You’ll never have to construct a big roster or do tons of research before putting your money down and winning a cash prize. On top of that, WinView allows you to participate in DFS contests in the middle of a game that’s running in real life.

    In this way, the app can improve your enjoyment of any sports match you watch on your TV screen. It’s also a great mobile DFS platform since it’s so easy to jump in and out of.

    WinView DFS Overall Review

    Ultimately, WinView daily fantasy sports is a stellar addition to Texas’s DFS app market. It offers prop-based free and paid DFS contests and a great interface that’s easy to navigate through no matter your experience level.

    It also provides fast access to DFS contests 24/7, especially during game time. We recommend trying this app if you like the idea of free DFS contests at your fingertips and short-term games that are wrapped up in less than an hour.

    FAQs – WinView DFS

    Where is WinView DFS legal?

    The WinView paid version is currently legal in over 35 states, including the state of Texas. The free version is legal in all 50 states.

    How old do I need to be to use WinView DFS?

    In Texas, you need to be 18 or older. Some states require you to be 19 or 21.

    Is WinView DFS safe to use?

    Yes, thanks to its use of antivirus software, SSL certification, and other digital security measures.

    How can I deposit and withdraw money at WinView DFS?

    WinView allows you to deposit using Visa credit or debit cards. Withdrawal options are a little more flexible.

    Can I use the WinView app on my iPhone or Android?

    Yes, it’s available on both types of mobile devices.

    Does WinView DFS offer a welcome bonus?

    Yes, a 200% deposit match bonus worth up to $200 of site credit.

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