Betting on the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys arguably have the biggest fan base among all of the teams in the NFL. Dallas owns five Super Bowl titles, with the most recent one captured in 1996. Learn how to bet on the Cowboys in Texas and how to find the best Dallas Cowboys betting odds.

Texas sports betting has yet to be legalized, but you can expect several sportsbooks including DraftKings Sportsbook, BetMGM, FanDuel Sportsbook, and Caesars Sportsbook to launch and offer betting odds on the Dallas Cowboys once that time comes. These licensed sportsbooks, which will be regulated by the Texas Lottery Commission after legalization occurs, all currently offer superior sports betting apps and bonuses in other states.

Best Three Sportsbooks For Betting On The Dallas Cowboys  

In April 2022, the following were the futures odds on the Cowboys winning Super Bowl LVII:

Where Can You Bet On The Dallas Cowboys? 

You can’t legally bet on the Dallas Cowboys anywhere in Texas until sports betting is legalized in the state, so stay abreast of the latest gambling news for updates. Once sports betting launches, you are bound to have a huge variety of options, including the best three sportsbooks. Texas might also have Caesars Sportsbook, BetRivers, PointsBet, and Unibet as options in the future.

With the exception of California, Texas is the most potentially lucrative state when it comes to sports betting. The Lone Star State has a massive population base, and many of its residents are passionate about football. Therefore, let’s examine the betting line from last year’s NFL Playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers to help explain how betting odds work. 

TeamSpreadMoneyline Total
49ers +3.5 +130  O 50.5
Cowboys-3.5-160U 50.5

The Cowboys were a slight favorite playing at home against the 49ers. They were laying -3.5 points on the spread. That meant Dallas needed to win by at least four points to cover the spread. A moneyline bet on the Cowboys would only require them to win the game regardless of by how many points. The total is the combined number of points scored by both teams. You could have bet under or over that number.

So, what happened? It wasn’t a good day for the Cowboys or the bettors who backed them. San Francisco won the game by a score of 23-17. A $100 moneyline bet on the 49ers returned $130. The 49ers also covered the spread bet, and the game went under the total with just 40 points scored. 

How NFL Betting Odds Are Calculated 

Oddsmakers create the betting odds for NFL games by weighing the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two opposing teams. Injuries can play a critical role in the betting odds if major players, especially quarterbacks, are sidelined for the game. In the pandemic era, positive Covid-19 cases also wreaked havoc with the odds on certain games after an outbreak took place. Bad weather predictions can also impact the total being offered on an NFL game.

The important thing to note here is that odds can vary at different sportsbooks. Even a half-point difference on the spread or total can make or break your bet. Always shop around for the best available odds on your plays. The odds are also offered at a price. This is the fee a sportsbook charges to handle your bet. It is the vigorish, aka vig, and it can also vary.

Standard odds are offered at -110, which means you have to bet $11 to win $10. At these standard odds, the vig is 4.36%. Be mindful of vigs moving forward if you’re using a sportsbook that consistently has a higher vig. This is not typically a problem at the commercial sportsbooks we are recommending because there’s so much competition in the marketplace. Just know that odds and prices can vary in the future. 

What Kinds of Bets Can Be Placed On The Dallas Cowboys? 

We’ve covered the basic bets on the spread, moneyline, and total above. There are many other different types of bets to make on the Cowboys. As of April 2022, it was the NFL’s offseason, but sportsbooks were already offering futures bets on the Cowboys in 2022.

The first bet involved the number of wins Dallas would have this season, with the total set at 10.5. You could have gotten +100 (even money) odds on the over and -120 on the under. That was a tempting total when you consider that the Cowboys went 12-5 in 2021, but you would have needed to proceed with caution because that was the only time Dallas covered that number of wins in the last five seasons. 

Super Bowl Futures Odds 

Sportsbooks also offer future odds on the winner of the next Super Bowl. Those are the odds we referenced earlier. If you want to bet on the Cowboys, you would make your bet at DraftKings because it offers the best odds at +1700. If you bet $100 at those odds, you’d win $1,700 if the Cowboys win Super Bowl LVII. 

Prop Bets  

Prop, or proposition bets, are wagers that are not tied to the outcome of an NFL game. The most popular props involve the number of passing, rushing, or receiving yards a player will have in a game. You can also bet on the number of touchdowns a player will have. Here’s a prop on Cowboys QB Dak Prescott from the playoff game against the 49ers in 2022: Dak Prescott Rushing Yards (7.5, -115 at DraftKings). 

Again, you can bet over or under that total. Note the -115 odds, though. This means you would have had to bet $115 to win $100 instead of standard -110 odds. We know the Cowboys lost the game, but you would have felt better because you bet on Prescott to go over 7.5 yards rushing. He finished with 27 yards rushing and that included a TD run.    


Let’s say you wanted to bet on both San Francisco and the under for last that same playoff game. That type of bet is known as a parlay, which features multiple wagers in a single bet. These bets pay out higher, but they are inherently harder to win. A $100 parlay on San Francisco would have resulted in the under, paying $260 on this game, and you would have gotten your $100 back as well.   

How To Bet On The Dallas Cowboys In Texas 

The easiest way to do this after the legalization of sports betting in Texas is by downloading an app from BetMGM, DraftKings, or FanDuel. This is a quick and simple process. We’ll use DraftKings in our example: 

  • Download the DraftKings sports betting app at the App Store if you are an Apple user and at the Google Play Store if you are an Android user. Be sure to download the sports betting app for DraftKings and not the daily fantasy sports app
  • Register for the new account by supplying personal information including your name, date of birth, Social Security number, and email address
  • Fund the account by making your first deposit at DraftKings, which offers several methods, including online banking, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, and wire transfers
  • Be sure to use the current promo code to take advantage of any sign-up bonus being offered by DraftKings
  • Using the app, navigate to the league of choice (NFL), tap the game of interest involving the Cowboys, enter a bet amount on Dallas, and confirm!

How To Bet On The Super Bowl In Texas 

The Super Bowl is the biggest sports betting event of the year. Futures bets can be made at any time even during the offseason. Here are the Super Bowl LVII future odds available from FanDuel in April 2022: 

Super Bowl LVII Futures Odds

Chiefs +950
Rams +1100
Packers +1100
49ers +1600
Cowboys  +1600   

There were odds on all 32 NFL teams, but we’ve listed the top-10 betting favorites. At +1600 odds, a $100 bet on Dallas pays out $1,600 if the Cowboys win the Super Bowl. 

Super Bowl Prop Bets 

You’ve likely heard the term prop bets before heading into the Super Bowl. Prop bets are wagers not tied directly to the outcome of the game. Exotic props are available on the length of the national anthem and the specific color of Gatorade to be dumped on the winning coach.

Game-specific props are highlighted by the winner of the Super Bowl MVP award. Rams WR Cooper Kupp won the Super Bowl LVI MVP award at odds of +600 after scoring two touchdowns. Even if the Cowboys don’t make the Super Bowl, you’ll still be able to bet on the big game. 

Dallas Cowboys Partnerships 

Dallas was the first NFL team to partner with a casino. The Cowboys have an exclusive deal with WinStar World Casino and Resort that started in 2018. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, known for being at the forefront of new deals, also purchased a stake in DraftKings and helped form a coalition that is working toward the legalization of sports betting in Texas. 

Betting on the Dallas Cowboys FAQ 

How are Las Vegas odds calculated on the Dallas Cowboys?

Oddsmakers take a variety of factors into their calculation of betting odds on the Dallas Cowboys. Injuries can be a big influence on the odds, particularly if a quarterback is hurt and won’t play. Weather is also a factor, such as if heavy snow, rain, and wind are in the forecast. Oddsmakers will weigh the relative strengths and weaknesses of the opposing teams to finalize their calculation of game odds.

How popular is betting on the Dallas Cowboys?

It’s very popular. The Cowboys are one of the most popular teams in the NFL. They have a large fan base that extends outside of Texas and across the country. The team’s popularity extends to the betting windows at retail and mobile sportsbooks in states with legalized sports betting.

Where can I bet on the Super Bowl in Texas?

Nowhere just yet, but legal sports betting could be coming to Texas soon. Then you’ll have a bevy of sportsbooks to consider. We’d expect all of the major players including BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, BetRivers, PointsBet, and Unibet to become licensed and regulated after sports betting is legal in the state. 

Who has the best odds on the Dallas Cowboys?

This depends entirely on the game and the bet you want to make. As a rule, we recommend opening multiple accounts at different sportsbooks. This allows you to compare numbers at different shops and find the best odds for your bet, and it is a critical factor for being profitable over the long run.

Do sportsbooks offer bonus bets or sign-up bonuses?

Yes. These typically come in the form of bonus bets or matching deposits. Always be sure to read the terms and conditions for these offers. DraftKings offers a $50 bonus bet on a minimum deposit of $5 and a 20% matching deposit up to $1,000. However, you’d have to make an initial deposit of $5,000 and a wager of $25,000 within 90 days to max out the $1,000 bonus. 

Is DraftKings legal in Texas?

DraftKings offers daily fantasy sports in Texas and that is legal. Sports betting needs to be legalized in Texas before DraftKings or any other sportsbook can become a licensed and regulated operator. 

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