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FanDuel was one of the first-ever DFS sites in the US, beginning its operations in 2009.  Some may worry that this would make FanDuel Texas DFS outdated, but nothing could be further from the truth.  FanDuel has stood the test of time because it continually shines as one of the best platforms on the market. 

FanDuel DFS is one of the best picks for a variety of reasons. Let’s break down everything there is to know about this online DFS platform. 

Where Is FanDuel Available?

FanDuel DFS is currently available in over 45 states. Even in states where mobile sports betting is not legalized, DFS apps are often allowed because they are categorized differently.  Such is the case in the Lone Star State.

    Texas doesn’t allow online sports betting, but online DFS platforms aren’t explicitly illegal. As a result, there’s nothing wrong with trying FanDuel DFS today.

    FanDuel Promo Code

    New FanDuel DFS users can take advantage of an excellent opening bonus: One free contest entry upon signup and get $10 with a $10 deposit.

    FanDuel DFS Texas Promo Code LinkUse our exclusive link
    FanDuel DFS Texas No-Deposit Offer1 Free Contest Entry
    FanDuel DFS Texas Deposit OfferDeposit $10, Get $10
    Terms and ConditionsCredit can only be used for specific contests
    States where FanDuel is available 45+, including Texas
    Promo Code Verified forJuly 2024

    Fortunately, you don’t need to take any other steps to try out FanDuel’s DFS contests and there aren’t any play-through requirements for the credit, either.

    This opening bonus lets you try out the DFS app without having to spend too much money initially. Given that there are a lot of different contests to check out, this is a good thing – even experienced DFS fans may not know whether FanDuel DFS is the perfect app for them until you give it a try.

    FanDuel Review

    Not sure what you should expect from FanDuel DFS? Let’s break down some key features of this mobile app. 

    FanDuel DFS Interface

    FanDuel DFS has a clean and simplistic interface dominated by a blue and white aesthetic. This is great since it means each of the contests and other controls stand out from the screen and are easy to see. The top of the screen also has a “featured” list of contests, which are great if you want to spend money on popular contests for major sports leagues like the NBA or NHL.

    However, you can navigate to upcoming or live games and contests as well. FanDuel also conveniently has a “Friends” tab to check out in case you want to engage in a head-to-head contest (more on those below).

    Edit Lineups

    Some DFS apps don’t let you change your lineups after a contest has begun, but not FanDuel. Even better, FanDuel’s mobile DFS app is so well-made that editing your lineup is quick and easy, even on the small screens common to mobile devices.

    With this added lineup feature, you can add or subtract players at your whim. Then you can save or cancel changes. All of this is great for adjusting your contest lineup on the fly, particularly as a match develops or as you learn new information.

    Championship Contests

    Users will appreciate how FanDuel offers new championship contests regularly. For example, FanDuel DFS includes a March Madness contest specifically for this seasonal scramble. Alternatively, you can fill out brackets for an NCAA basketball tournament and potentially win massive prizes.

    In essence, FanDuel DFS includes daily fantasy sports contests for both regular matches and major sporting events alike.

    FanDuel Compatibility & Sign-Up Guide

    FanDuel DFS is available for both iOS and Android devices, so it’s pretty easy to download the app no matter what operating system your phone uses. Once you have downloaded the app:

    • Click Register, then provide FanDuel DFS with some personal information so it can verify your identity
    • Once your identity is verified, FanDuel will finalize your account and give you options to make a deposit
    • Remember that making a deposit quickly is key to taking advantage of the second $5 free credit mentioned with the opening bonus

    All in all, signing up for and getting started with a DFS contest on FanDuel’s app only takes a handful of minutes.

    FanDuel DFS Deposits & Withdrawals

    Any good DFS app should allow you to both deposit funds and withdraw your winnings quickly and easily. Fortunately, FanDuel DFS’s cashier function is pretty smooth and intuitive.

    For deposits, you can use online banking transfers, PayPal transfers, or credit card transfers. When it comes time to cash out, you can use both online bank transfers or PayPal transfers, or alternatively ask for a physical check to be mailed to your address. Note that checks may take between seven and 10 business days to fully process, so most players will prefer the electronic methods.

    We also caution against using credit cards for your deposits. Credit card transactions often come with additional fees and will require you to pay interest on however much you spend. It’s oftentimes a better choice to use the other deposit methods available.

    Types Of DFS Contests At FanDuel

    FanDuel DFS offers a variety of daily fantasy sports contests for all major sports leagues and types, ranging from basketball to football to baseball and more. Even better, FanDuel DFS also provides daily fantasy sports contests for college basketball and football, NASCAR races, WNBA events, soccer, tennis games, and more.

    While its contest variety isn’t quite as diverse or varied as DraftKings’, it’s still far and away better than most other DFS platforms in the industry.

    We also really like that FanDuel offers regular free contests plus a dedicated beginner’s contest category. Thus, if you are new to daily fantasy sports, FanDuel makes it easy for you to learn the ropes of this gaming activity with a category of contests specifically designed for you.

    Such beginner fantasy contests are simplistic, straightforward, and very easy to grasp. These don’t allow you to wager too much money and they have high salary caps so you can put together winning player rosters more easily than other contests more suitable for experienced players.

    Plus, FanDuel’s tutorials and help section will help you get a handle on things quickly. Regardless, FanDuel DFS’ contest types include but are not limited to:

    • Single-game contests, which are available for all major sports. These have you construct full rosters of players but focus on the outcome of a single game at a time, so they are pretty easy to grasp
    • Pick ‘Em contests, which are great for new and casual users and which have you pick out a few stellar players from select teams
    • Head-to-head contests, in which you invite your friends or another FanDuel DFS user to go head-to-head against their constructed rosters
    • Championship contests
    • And more

    When you log into FanDuel DFS for the first time, you won’t be disappointed in terms of its contest variety and offerings.

    What FanDuel Gets Right

    FanDuel DFS has more than earned its place as one of the top Texas DFS apps for several key reasons. Here are a few of this app’s major benefits.

    Great Loyalty Program

    FanDuel DFS rewards you for spending more time in the app thanks to its excellent loyalty program. Whenever you spend a real dollar on a DFS contest, you’ll get five FanDuel points. As you accumulate points, you can redeem them for new entries into additional DFS contests and rise in the loyalty program’s tiers.

    Rise high enough, and you’ll eventually be able to redeem those points for other prizes, like tickets, extra credit, and so on. In a nutshell, the more you use FanDuel DFS, the more you’ll benefit. This is an excellent incentive to keep using this DFS platform for months to come.

    Good Contest Quality and Variety

    Some DFS platforms don’t have a ton of variety in terms of their contest types, but not FanDuel. Thanks to the operator’s many partnerships with major sports leagues like the NBA, MLB, and NHL, FanDuel DFS offers stellar gaming contests all year round, many of which are focused on these leagues’ current or upcoming sporting events.

    Plus, FanDuel’s contest variety extends to niche sporting activities or other minor leagues, like PGA Tour events, WNBA events, and so on. Bottom line: no matter which sports league you prefer or what DFS contests you want to find, odds are they’re waiting for you at FanDuel DFS. 

    Regular Freebies

    On top of all that, FanDuel offers free DFS contests regularly for both newcomers and veterans of the app. These are somewhat random, so you can’t predict them or plan for them. But from time to time throughout the year, you’ll be able to get a few free DFS contests under your belt.

    Even better, lots of these contests are tied to major sports seasons, such as the March Madness’s Bracket Pick ‘Em contest. This is free for all FanDuel DFS users, but you can still win real money prizes if you are lucky enough.

    Thus, even beyond the opening bonus, FanDuel continues to reward those who use this app with free contest entertainment. When you put all of these major factors together, it’s clear that FanDuel DFS is one of the most generous daily fantasy sports platforms on the market today.

    FanDuel DFS Overall Review

    As you can see, FanDuel DFS is a stellar app from start to finish with a great lineup of contest types, excellent controls, and a streamlined interface that’s easy to use, even for new players. The opening bonus may not be the biggest in the industry, but it’s still great for letting you try the app with little risk upon making your account.

    If you love daily fantasy sports and are looking for a good long-term DFS app in Texas, FanDuel also fits the bill thanks to its loyalty program and championship contests. Try this DFS platform out today!

    FanDuel DFS Texas FAQs

    Where is FanDuel DFS legal?

    This online DFS app is legal in over 45 states, including Texas.

    How old do I need to be to use FanDuel DFS?

    You’ll need to be at least 18 in every state, though in some states, you need to be 19+ or even 21+. In Texas, the minimum age to engage in daily fantasy sports online is 18.

    Is FanDuel DFS safe to use?

    Yes, as it leverages several digital security measures to protect your personal information.

    Does FanDuel DFS offer a welcome bonus?

    Yes.  New FanDuel DFS users get a sign-up bonus of 1 free contest entry. Those who make a deposit of at least $10 also get that $10 automatically doubled. There are some restrictions on which contests will allow free entries, so be sure to read the terms and conditions.

    Can I use FanDuel DFS on my iPhone or Android?

    Yes, this DFS app is available on both types of mobile platforms.

    Can I use FanDuel DFS from a desktop?

    Yes, FanDuel maintains a nearly identical desktop platform in case you want to enjoy daily fantasy sports on your computer.

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