Monkey Knife Fight DFS Texas

Texas residents can’t enjoy online sports betting quite yet, but online DFS games are alive and well. Rather than using your normal DFS app, however, you might consider trying Monkey Knife Fight DFS Texas: a relatively new and innovative DFS platform.

Not sure what to expect? Let’s take a closer look at Monkey Knife Fight daily fantasy sports and break down the major features that distinguish it from the competition.

Where Is Monkey Knife Fight Available?

    Most states (even those where sports betting is illegal) allow paid DFS apps like Monkey Knife Fight.  There are a few exceptions, but Texas is not one of them.


    Texas doesn’t have legal sports betting, and DFS apps are more legally gray in the Lone Star State than they are anywhere else. That said, Monkey Knife Fight and other DFS apps are still available here as daily fantasy sports is not explicitly illegal.

    Monkey Knife Fight Promo Code

    Monkey Knife Fight has a pretty attractive opening bonus offer that comes in two parts: the first is a $5 credit for a free DFS contest, and the second is a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to $100 of site credit.

    Monkey Knife Fight Promo LinkUse our exclusive link
    Terms and Conditions$5 free game only available for specific contests. 1x play-through requirement for deposit match bonus.
    Promo Verified ForDecember 2022

    The bonus being split into two parts is beneficial in more ways than one. It allows you to try out Monkey Knife Fight at no cost to yourself, although the $5 limit for the free contest means you can’t participate in some of the more potentially profitable games.

    On the plus side, your first deposit can be doubled for up to $100 of extra credit. Plus, this extra credit bonus only has a one-time play-through requirement, so you might very well see that extra cash end up in your bank account at the end of the day!

    Overall, Monkey Knife Fight’s opening bonus is pretty good given the app’s fixation on basic, streamlined DFS contests overall.

    Monkey Knife Fight Review

    If you’re still not sure whether Monkey Knife Fight is the best Texas DFS app, no worries. Let’s take a look at some of the app’s most important features and specifics.

    Pro-Based Contests

    Monkey Knife Fight is different from more complex DFS apps in that all of its contests are prop-based. These proposition contests have you pick the over or under rating for a player’s specific attribute or projected performance. For instance:

    • Will Patrick Mahomes throw for 301.5 yards against the Cowboys? Choose over or under

    In this way, Monkey Knife Fight’s players can engage with DFS contests quickly and easily without having to do a ton of research on team rosters or individual player statistics. On the downside, some more experienced DFS fans might find these prop-based contests to be a little too simplistic for their liking.

    But if you are new to DFS in Texas or overall, Monkey Knife Fight could be a great way for you to try out this gaming experience for the first time! It may also be a great app experience if you just want enjoyable, easy-to-engage-with DFS contests for weeknight gaming.

    Live Chat Support

    In addition to its prop-based DFS contests, Monkey Knife Fight offers live customer chat support, plus a dedicated knowledge base and FAQ section. This allows you to answer your own basic questions or, if you have a more technical problem, get live support ASAP.

    This is pretty good customer service and support for such a small, streamlined app through and through.

    Excellent App Interactivity

    Monkey Knife Fight’s app is one of the most interactive on the market. For example, the app interface has a lot of visual aids to direct you to your chosen contest or anywhere else you need to go. Once more, this is great for beginners or newcomers to DFS apps, who may have difficulty knowing what to press or what to do at first.

    However, the interface overall is very streamlined and easy to navigate through, so you may not need those visual aids as much as predicted. If you have a smaller mobile device or your screen is normally cramped, you have nothing to worry about here. Monkey Knife Fight’s interface is lean and well-designed, so navigating to your chosen contest or account page is quick and simple.

    Monkey Knife Fight Compatibility & Sign-Up Guide

    The best DFS apps in Texas will also be readily available for all players, and Monkey Knife Fight is no different. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices. Once you download the app:

    • You can sign up either on the app or on the Monkey Knife Fight desktop website. Click Sign Up in either case.
    • Provide Monkey Knife Fight with a few pieces of personal information, including a unique username and password.
    • Next, Monkey Knife Fight verifies certain parts of your identity, like your name and address as well as your date of birth. Monkey Knife Fight requires all users to be 18 or older except in a few states that require you to be 19 or 21.
    • After your identity is verified, Monkey Knife Fight will complete your account and you can make an initial deposit to take advantage of the opening bonus.

    Monkey Knife Fight DFS Deposits & Withdrawals

    Speaking of deposits, Monkey Knife Fight has multiple deposit methods you can take advantage of. These include credit or debit card transfers. Note that you can always make a withdrawal using the same deposit method you used originally, so it may pay to be strategic about how you make your first deposit.

    As a plus side, this means that Monkey Knife Fight doesn’t have fewer withdrawal methods than it does deposit options (which is common throughout the industry). It’s pretty easy to funnel cash back into your account after a great day at DFS contests.

    Credit Cards Aren’t Great

    That all said, we don’t recommend using credit cards on Monkey Knife Fight or any other Texas DFS app. That’s because using a credit card may incur interest fees or other fees for making DFS deposits in the first place.

    Types Of DFS Contests At Monkey Knife Fight

    As we break down earlier, Monkey Knife Fight only offers proposition-based DFS contests. Rather than constructing a full roster of players and tallying up points at the end of the contest, you instead respond to specific props and choose overs and unders for different players.

    That said, Monkey Knife Fight does offer a variety of different DFS contest types, including

    • Over/under contests, which are the basic MKF offerings. Pick a contest, pick a player, and choose whether they will go over or under their projected scores or metrics. Then see if you win! It’s quick, simple, and a great way to enjoy DFS in short-term bursts.
    • Rapid-fire contests, where you pick head-to-head player matchups and see which of the two players will score better than the other. These oftentimes include prize pools worth twice your initial stake for winning.
    • Stat Shootout contests, which allow players to regulate points depending on their chosen players’ stats and stat types. DFS contestants can choose up to three players and may win between 1.5 and 3 times their stakes based on player performances.

    Overall, Monkey Knife Fight’s contest flexibility is a little better than it initially seems, despite the focus on prop DFS contests.

    What Monkey Knife Fight Gets Right

    Monkey Knife Fight gets a lot right for such a basic and streamlined DFS platform. Here are some of the most impressive features or elements of this DFS app.

    Easy to Jump In

    Lots of DFS apps these days have lost their focus on the “daily” aspect of the activity. Monkey Knife Fight isn’t like this. In fact, it makes it very easy to jump in and enjoy some DFS contests in no time at all.

    In just moments, you can sit down with Monkey Knife Fight, engage in a few DFS contests, then either take home some cash or stop playing. It’s entirely up to you and requires barely any prep work, whereas other DFS apps oftentimes require you to research lots of players’ stats or performance metrics to construct a good roster with a high chance of success.

    Very Easy to Use

    Furthermore, Monkey Knife Fight emphasizes ease of use in its interface and design. Even if you are new to DFS gaming in general, you shouldn’t have any trouble navigating through Monkey Knife Fight and finding the perfect contest for your needs or preferences.

    Plus, the above-mentioned customer service elements make it easy to get a question answered if you ever have technical difficulties.

    Regular Tips

    As a side bonus, Monkey Knife Fight offers tips and advice from DFS fans, writers, and other experts throughout this industry. Scott Cullen, for instance, provides all Monkey Knife Fight players with DFS tips for players within leagues like the NHL, NBA, and MLB.

    These are great for both experienced DFS fans and newcomers to daily fantasy sports alike. With these tips, you might make better decisions when choosing your player props and, therefore, win more money.

    Monkey Knife Fight DFS Overall Review

    At the end of the day, Monkey Knife Fight doesn’t reinvent the daily fantasy sports wheel. But it is a pretty solid DFS app for Texas residents through and through. It’s easy to use and enjoy, and it makes jumping into DFS contests quicker and simpler than perhaps any other platform on the market.

    Plus, Monkey Knife Fight has a surprising amount of depth between its tips, customer service options, and other elements. We highly recommend giving Monkey Knife Fight a shot, especially since you can earn a $5 free credit and try out a contest at no cost to your wallet!

    Monkey Knife Fight DFS Texas FAQs

    Where is Monkey Knife Fight DFS legal?

    Monkey Knife Fight is legal in most states, including Texas.

    How old do you need to be to use Monkey Knife Fight DFS?

    You need to be 18 or older at a minimum, though some states require you to be 19 or 21. In Texas, you’ll need to be 18.

    Is Monkey Knife Fight safe to use?

    Yes. It includes both antivirus software and SSL certification for its mobile app platforms and desktop website.

    Does Monkey Knife Fight offer a welcome bonus?

    Yes, a $5 free contest credit and a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to $100 of site credit. Use this link to claim.

    What types of contests are available at Monkey Knife Fight DFS?

    Monkey Knife Fight only offers prop-based DFS contests.

    How can I deposit and withdraw at Monkey Knife Fight?

    Monkey Knife Fight allows you to make deposits and withdrawals with credit or debit cards.

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